Aeolian Erosional Landforms: Deflation, Mushroom, Zeugen, Yardangs, Mesas, Buttes

In this session, we are going to look into different Aeolian Erosional Landforms. Aeolian processes creates various shapes through both erosion and deposition of Sediments. Here we will only look at the landforms that gets created by the aeolian Erosion processes. What are Aeolian Landforms Landforms which are created by the actions of Winds are … Read more

Participatory Notes(P-Notes): An Offshore Derivative Instrument(Advantages and Disadvantages)

In this session, we will look into Participatory Notes(P-Notes): An Offshore Derivative Instrument. In 1992, SEBI had allowed P-notes to increase Foreign Investment in India after 1991 Balance of Payment Crisis. P-notes are offshore derivative instruments(ODI) issued by registered Foreign Portfolio Investors(FPIs) to overseas investors who want to Invest in Indian Stock Market without registering … Read more

17 BRO(Border Roads Organisation) Projects in India – Important Points to Remember

In this tutorial, I will explain about 17 BRO(Border Roads Organisation) Projects running in India. BRO(Border Roads Organisation) is a leading road construction agency under the Ministry of Defence with a primary role of providing road connectivity in border areas. It executes road construction and maintenance works along the Northern and Western frontiers primarily to … Read more