25+ Important Questions on Indus Valley Civilization(History, Location, Art, Religion)

In this article, I will take you through 25+ Important Questions on Indus Valley Civilization. Indus Valley Civilization which is also known as Bronze Age Civilization flourished in the parts of Northwestern region of South Asia between 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE. It is one of the early known civilizations existed along with the ancient civilization of Egypt and Mesopotamia. More on Indus Valley Civilization. Due to the importance of the topic, it attracts whole lot of questions in multiple competitive exams. Hence it is very important to understand the questions that can be asked in an Exam.

50 Important Questions on Indus Valley Civilization(History, Location, Art, Religion)

Indus Valley Civilization(History, Location, Art, Religion)

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1. Which is the largest Site of Indus Valley Civilization(IVC) ?

Ans. Mohenjodaro(Pakistan)

2. Which is the second largest site of Indus Valley Civilization after Mohenjodaro ?

Ans. Harappa

3. Which is the largest site of Indus Valley Civilization in India ?

Ans. Rakhigarhi

4. Who is the first Scholar to use the term Indus Civilization ?

Ans. John Marshall

5. Which of the people first produced Cotton in the World ?

Ans. Indus People

6. Does Animal Lion Known to the Indus Valley People ?

Ans. No

7. Which of the Animals were Known to the Indus Valley People ?

Ans. Following animals were known to the Indus People:-

  • Ship
  • Goat
  • Bull
  • Tiger
  • Buffalo
  • Dog
  • Pig
  • Cat
  • Deer
  • Tortoise
  • Elephant
  • Camel
  • Rhinoceros

8. Does Indus People knew about Iron ?

Ans. No

9. Which are the major exports of Indus Valley Civilization ?

Ans. Major export includes cotton goods , terracotta figurines, pottery ,certain beads (from Chanhudaro), conch- shell ( from Lothal), ivory products , copper etc.

10. How Indus Valley Civilization was different from the West Asian Civilization ?

Ans. Below are the main differences :-

  • Indus People planned their Cities like Chessboard System whereas Mesopotamian cities shown a haphazard growth.
  • Harappan sites had rectangular houses with brick lined bathrooms and wells with their stairways whereas Mesopotamian cities did not have this kind of unique feature.
  • Harappan used the Burnt Bricks to build their houses whereas Mesopotamian people mostly used the dried Bricks.
  • Harappan did not kept god in temple whereas Mesopotamian worshipped god in Temple.

11. Did Harappan knew about the usage of wheel ?

Ans. Yes. They used the solid wheel in the Cart.

12. Which Animal Indus valley people worshipped ?

Ans. Humped Back Bull

13. What is shown in the Terracotta figurine discovered at Mohenjodaro ?

Ans. A Plant is shown growing out of the embryo of a woman.

14. Is the Indus Valley Civilization were matriarchal or patriarchal type of society ?

Ans. Matriarchal

15. How many cities and settlements has been found around Indus and its tributaries ?

Ans. Around 1,052 cities and settlements

16. In how phases Harappan civilization are divided ?

Ans. It is broadly divided into three phases:-

a)The Early Harappan Phase(3300-2600 BCE)

b)The Mature Harappan Phase(2600-1900 BCE)

c)The Late Harappan Phase(1900-1300 BCE)

17. Who were the first to develop standardized weights and measures ?

Ans. Harappan People

18. Which semi-gemstone was frequently used by Harappan people ?

Ans. Carnelian

19. What is the meaning of the “half-buffalo monster attacking a tiger” seal found from Mohenjo-daro site ?

Ans. It may probably referring to Sumerian myth of a monster created by Aruru – the Sumerian earth and fertility goddess – to fight Gilgamesh, the hero of an ancient Mesopotamian epic poem.

20. What was the main occupation of Harappan Civilization ?

Ans. Agriculture

21. With which material Harappan Seals are usually made up of ?

Ans. Clay, Soapstone and Copper

22. Which was the first city discovered in Indus Valley Civilization ?

Ans. Harappa

23. What was the Staple Food of Harappan Civilization ?

Ans. Wheat

24. What are the Major Imports of Indus Valley Civilization ?

Ans. Major Import include minerals from Iran and Afghanistan, lead and copper from other parts of India, jade from China, and cedar wood floated down rivers from the Himalayas and Kashmir. More on Indus Valley Civilization Exports.

25. From which Indus Valley Civilization site “The Bronze Bull” was excavated ?

Ans. Kalibangan

26. Which of the Animals were depicted on “Pashupati Seal” found from Mohenjo-daro ?

Ans. Elephant, Tiger, Rhinoceros and Buffalo

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