China Deploys Rocket Launchers Near LAC | Rise in India China Tension

China has recently deployed Rocket Launchers near India China LAC. This is the first time Chinese PLA accepted the deployment of High Precision Strike Rocket Launchers deployment near India border. As per the article published in People Liberation Army official newspaper, the brigade is located 5,200m above sea level in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region(XUAR).

What is Rocket Launcher

It is often a Portable device capable of firing a short range, unguided rocket towards the targets. With the advance in technology, the range and capability of a rocket launcher has been significantly improved. Modern Rocker Launcher can now fire rockets upto a distance of 300km or sometimes even more with pin point accuracy.

About Chinese PLA

The People Liberation Army(PLA) is the regular armed forces of People Republic of China(PRC). It was originally founded in 1927 during Nanchang Uprising but got its original form only in the year 1945. Since then PLA has grown stronger and is known to be largest Military force in the World. It ranks second in terms of defence budget allocation just after United States which spends a whopping amount of money in defence budget every year.

China Deploys Rocket Launchers Near LAC | Rise in India China Tension

China Deploys Rocket Launchers Near LAC 

Last year, reports suggested that China PLA had deployed the type PHL-03 multiple launch rocket system(MLRS), with a firing range between 70km to 130km along and PCL-181 vehicle-mounted howitzers.

Rise in India China Tension

India and China has 3,440km long disputed border which acts as Center point for conflict between both the countries from past few decades. Last Year, on 5th May 2020, Chinese and Indian troops got engaged in aggressive face-offs and skirmishes near disputed region of Pangong lake in Ladakh and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Subsequent clashes also reported from multiple regions near Line of Actual Control(LAC).

The intense clashes in the Galwan valley further deteriorated the situation and resulted into death of 20 Indian Soldiers and unknown number of Chinese soldiers. The deaths in the Galwan valley on the Sino-Indian border is a first in 45 years and also the major violation of 1993 understanding between the two nuclear-armed neighbors who also agreed not to use firearms at the large. More on PIB.

What is the reason for Deployment

The deployment of Rocket Launcher is a very aggressive step taken by China while disengagement talks are still going on. It might be a move to reinforce the Chinese Border Defence but it will also act as deterrent to India. This comes at a time when both the forces completed the withdrawal of troops from Pangong Lake after 11th round of Corps Commander Level meeting.

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