First Ever Gigantic Space Hurricane Detected by Astronomers Over North Pole

In this article, we will discuss about first ever gigantic space hurricane detected by NASA over North Pole. For the very first time, astronomers detected a powerful 600 mile wide hurricane of plasma in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere that is in Ionosphere region which they are calling as Space Hurricane.

What is Hurricane

It is a type of storm also known as Tropical Cyclone due to its formation in tropics. It is generally Characterized by rapidly rotating system with low pressure Center and strong winds produces heavy rains/squalls along its path.

What is Space Hurricane

It is a huge and powerful funnel-like, spiral geomagnetic storm that occurs above the North pole, in the Ionosphere region during extremely quiet conditions.

First Ever Gigantic Space Hurricane Detected by Astronomers Over North Pole

First Ever Gigantic Space Hurricane Detected by Astronomers

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The Space Hurricane was active for about 8 hours on Aug 20, 2014 swirling hundreds of miles above the North Pole region. This phenomenon was not visible through naked eye however four satellites which passed through the North Pole detected a formation not unlike a typical terrestrial hurricane. It was a funnel shaped hurricane with quiet eye in the center and it was surrounded by several counterclockwise spinning spiral arms of plasma. More on LiveScience article.

Who Found Space Hurricane

Until now, space hurricane was a theoretical event but Scientists at Shandong University in China were the first to observe and record this real Space Hurricane Event. This observation was not a real time observation but it was based on retrospective data from 2014.

Origin of Space Hurricane

Until now, it was uncertain that Space Hurricane even existed. Using 3D model, Scientists hypothesize that the formation must be resulted from the complex interaction of Incoming Solar Wind Energy with the Magnetic North Pole. These hurricanes must be created by unusually large and rapid transfer of solar wind energy and charged particles into Earth’s Upper atmosphere. Magnetic reconnection could be one possible reason.

Is Space Hurricane occurs only on Earth 

Scientists believe that any planet having plasma and magnetic fields in the atmosphere should have the Space Hurricane phenomena also. Since there are many planets in the Universe consists the same thing so Space Hurricane should be a universal phenomena.

How Space Hurricane is different from Hurricanes

Space Hurricanes and Hurricanes are entirely different from each other. Some of the main differences which has been observed till now are:-

  • Hurricanes requires a tropical disturbance for its formation but Space Hurricane requires exactly opposite that is a calm condition for its formation.
  • Hurricane rains water on the ground whereas Space Hurricane rains electrons in the Upper Atmosphere.
  • Hurricane has Wind Speed of around 300-400 kmph whereas Space Hurricane has plasma speed of around 7000-8000 kmph.
  • Hurricanes causes heavy Storm whereas Space Hurricane causes Plasma Storm.

Harmful Effects of Space Hurricanes

  • It may affect the planet geomagnetic activity which can further affect the GPS Satellites.
  • It may cause increase Satellite Drag.
  • It may cause disturbance in high frequency radio antennas.

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