Important Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys Everyone Should Know

In this article, we will see all the important computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys that can be asked under General Knowledge or General Computer Knowledge section in multiple Competitive Exams. Today in this Digital world, almost all the work are now getting performed on a Computer System. To work efficiently on a system, it is always require to have a complete understanding of all Keyboard shortcut keys used on a day to day basis.

For example, if someone wants to copy a file then he/she can easily use the Ctrl+C shortcut key to quickly copy the file instead of going to the file and then copying it by right clicking on the file and then clicking on copy option. Similarly, for pasting the file, Ctrl+V shortcut key can be used instead of right clicking on the destination path and then clicking on Paste option. These types of shortcut keys are time saver and hence are used very frequently by computer professionals. More on Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut keys.

Important Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys Everyone Should Know

All Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Alt+F                     :- Displays File Menu Options
Alt+E                     :- Open Edit Options
Alt+Tab                 :- Switch between open programs
Alt+F4                   :- to close the file
Alt+F4+Enter        :- to shutdown
Ctrl+A                   :- Select All
Ctrl+B                    :- Bold
Ctrl+C                    :- Copy
Ctrl+V                    :- Paste
Ctrl+X                    :- Cut
Ctrl+D                    :- Font Style
Ctrl+E                     :- Align to the Center
Ctrl+F                     :- Find the text
Ctrl+G                    :- Find & Replace option
Ctrl+H                    :- Find & Replace
Ctrl+I                     :- Italic
Ctrl+J                     :- Justify
Ctrl+K                    :- Insert link
Ctrl+L                    :- Align your content to the left
Ctrl+M                   :- Paragraph indent
Ctrl+N                    :- Open New Page
Ctrl+O                    :- Open option
Ctrl+P                     :- For Print
Ctrl+Q                    :- Clear the indent paragraph
Ctrl+R                     :- Align your content to the Right
Ctrl+S                     :- Save
Ctrl+T                     :- Hanging indent
Ctrl+U                    :- Underline
Ctrl+W                   :- Close document
Ctrl+Y                     :- Used for Redo 
Ctrl+Z                     :- Used for Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Space   :-  Create a non-breaking space
Ctrl+Left Arrow      :-  Moves one word to the left at a time
Ctrl+Right Arrow   :-  Moves one word to the right at a time
Ctrl+Shift+<          :-  Decrease font size one value
Ctrl+Shift+>          :-  Increase the font size one value 
Ctrl + [                   :-  Increase the font size by 1 point
Ctrl + ]                   :-  Decrease the font size by 1 point
Shift+Del               :-  Remove Selected Items
Shift+Space           :-  Select Entire Row

Uses of Function Key

F1   :- Help
F2   :- Rename
F3   :- Searching
F4   :- Alt+F4 (Shutdown or close)
F5   :- Refresh and Reload (Slide Show)
F6   :- Highlight address bar
F7   :- Check Spelling
F8   :- Boot Menu
F9   :- Remove Selected item
F10 :- Shift+F10 (right click) or activate menu bar in MS Word
F11 :- Full Screen
F12 :- Save as

Windows Shortcut Keys

Windows + D                     :- Bring desktop to the top of other windows.
Windows + M                    :- Minimize all windows.
Windows + Shift + M         :- Undo the minimize done by Windows + M and Windows + D.
Windows + E                      :- Open Microsoft Explorer.
Windows + Tab                  :- Cycle through open programs on the taskbar.
Windows + F                      :- Display the Windows Search/Find feature.
Windows + Ctrl + F            :- Display the search for computers window.
Windows + F1                    :- Display the Microsoft Windows help.
Windows + R                     :- Open the run window.
Windows + Pause /Break   :- Open the system properties window.
Windows + U                     :- Open utility manager.
Windows + L                      :- Lock the computer

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