Most Popular Lok Devta of Rajasthan | Rajasthan Competitive Exams

In this article, we will look into all Lok Devta of Rajasthan. The folklore in Rajasthan has a long history of legends called Lok Devtas who were having some supernatural powers and hence became an inseparable part of people beliefs and faith. We will try to look into all those popular Lok Devtas of Rajasthan. More on Rajras.

Most Popular Lok Devta of Rajasthan | Rajasthan Competitive Exams

Lok Devta of Rajasthan

Of the numerous Lok Devtas and Devis, the five greatest are worshipped throughout the Rajasthan, they are called Panchpir.

1. Goga Ji
2. Ramdev Ji
3. Pabu Ji
4. Meha Ji
5. Hadbu Ji

1. Goga Ji

-> He was born on 1003 A.D. at Dadrewa (now Rajgarh) in the Churu district of Rajasthan.
-> His father’s name was Raja Jewar Thakur.
-> His mother’s name was Queen Bachhal.
-> He was married to Shreeyal Roz who was daughter of Tandul Nagari’s King Sindha Singh.
-> As per the legend, he used to protect people from Snake bites(Jaharpeer).
-> Saint Goga ji fought with Mahmood Gajnavi for protection of cows.
-> He died in Gogamedi in Hanumangarh District.
-> The Main Temple of Goga ji is in Gogamedi, which is built by King Ganga Singh.
-> Villages in Rajasthan has a Than dedicated to him, Than is always under Khejri tree.
-> Every year a fair was Organised for Goga ji at Gogamedi from 9th day of dark-half (Krishna Paksh) of Bhadra month to eleventh of the month.
-> Phad- Musical instruments- Damru and Madal.
-> Some other facts about Goga ji- Farmers tie 9 Knot- Goga Rakhadi – to their plough for good harvest.
-> The identification of Goga ji is Blue Horse, Spear and Snake.

2. Ramdev Ji

-> He was born on Bhadarwa Sudhi Beej V.S. 1405, Ramderiya, Kashmeer, Barmer district of Rajasthan.
-> His father’s name was Ajmal ji Tanwar.
-> His mother’s name was Mainaldevi.
-> He was a 14th century ruler, it is said that he have miraculous powers, who devoted his life to the upliftment of the downtrodden and poor people of society.
-> As per the legend, after giving away Pokharan in dowry for his niece Ramdev ji made Runicha (Ramdevra) his new residence.
-> He died in Runicha, Jaisalmer.
-> The temples of Ramdev ji located at Ramdevra, Pokaran (Jaisalmer), Biratiya khurd and in many states of India.
-> Ramdev ji started SKamadia Panth.
-> As symbol, his pagaliya (Foot Prints) are worshipped.
-> The fair for Ramdev ji held in Runicha (Jaisalmer), Bhadrapada Shukla Dwitya to Ekadashi.
-> Terah Taali dance is presented by kamadias.
-> Ramdev ji composed- Chaubis Vaniya.

3. Pabu Ji

-> He was born on 1233 A.D at Kolu Village, Phalodi in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan.
-> His father’s name was Dhandhal ji Rathore.
-> His mother’s name was Kamladey .
-> His horse name was Kesar Kalmi .
-> He married to daughter of King Surajmal Sodha Supyardey.
-> Pabuji’s Phad is very famous.
-> As per the legend, he was associated with rathore family of Marwar.
-> He is also known as God’s of Camel.

4. Meha Ji Manglia

-> He was born on 1332 A.D. at Bapni Village, Jodhpur.
-> His father’s name was Kelu ji.
-> He married to the daughter of Mahecha Malinath.
-> Manglias are main worshippers of Meha ji.
-> The main temple of Meha ji is in Bapni Village, Jodhpur.
-> Fair of Meha ji held in Bapni village on Bhadrapada Krishna Ashtami.

5. Hadbu Ji

-> He was born on Bhundel in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. (contemporary of Rao Jodha).
-> His father’s name was King Gopalraj Sankhla.
-> He is cousin of Baba Ramdev ji.
-> He was well versed in Shakun Shastra.
-> His main temple is in Baingti Village, Phalodi, Jodhpur.
-> In the temple, Sankhla Rajput act as priests and worship Harbu ji ki gaadi.

Other Lok Devta’s of Rajasthan 

1. Teja Ji

-> Teja ji was born on 1074 A.D. at Kharnal in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan.
-> His father’s name was Tahar Dev.
-> His mother’s name was Ramkumwari.
-> He is known as Snake Diety.
-> Tejaji sacrificed life while recovering cows of Lachha Gujri from cluthes of meenas.
-> Kala and Bala– benefactor in agricultural activities.
-> Tejaji’s major Than are located at Sursura, Beawar, Saindaria and Bhanwata in Ajmer district.
-> Saindaria is known as the main place as this is supposed to be place he was bitten by snake.
-> The fair held on Parbatsar, Nagaur.
-> Cattle fair is organized from Bhadra Shukla Dashmi to Poornima.
-> Tejaji’s identification is black horse with Sword and Snake .

2. Dev Narayan Ji

-> He was born on 911 A.D.
-> His father’s name was Sri Sawai Bhoj.
-> His mother’s name was Saadu Khatana.
-> As per the legend, he was the brave warrior and his Sadhak are considered incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
-> For the worship of Dev Narayan ji leaves of Neem are essential.
-> He worshipped at Devmali near Asind (Bhilwara), Devdham Jodhpuria (Tonk).
-> Fairs of Dev Narayan ji are held at Ajmer, Bhilwara, Tonk and Chittaurgarh on Bhadrapad Shukla Shasthi and Saptami.
-> His horse name is Leelagar.

3. Veer Kalla Ji Rathod

-> He was born on Vikran Samvat 1601, Merta in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan.
-> His father’s name was Asha Singh
-> He married to the daughter of Rao Krishn Das, Krishna.
-> Kalla ji is famous as “Lok Devta with four hands”.
-> Ranela is sacred peeth for worship of Kalla ji.
-> Temples of Kalla ji are located at Bhauraigarh, Mahiyadham varda, Salumbar, Samalia, Gatroad.

4. Baba Tallinath ji

-> His real name was Gangdev Rathod.
-> His father’s name was Biramdev Rathod.
-> He was born at Shergarh, Jodhpur
-> He is nature loving Lok Devta.
-> Whenever a person is bitten by Poisonous creature, taken to baba’s place and thread is tied.
-> He worshipped at Panchmukhi hill of Panchota Village (Nagaur District)

5. Mallinath Ji

-> He was born on 1358 A.D. at Marwad.
-> His father’s name was Rawal Salkhan Tidaji.
-> His mother’s name was Jinande.
-> His wife’s name was Rupadey
-> Defeated army of Subedar Nizamuddin of Malwa in 1378 A.D.
-> The Main temple of Mallinath ji is at Tilwara, Barmer
-> Fairs of Mallinath ji held at Tilwara, Barmer- Chaitra Krishna Ekadashi to Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi.
-> Tharparkar Cow is traded most in his fair.
-> Malani pargani in Barmer is named after him.

6. Bhomia ji

-> Worshipped in villages as a protector of land.

7. Mamadev ji

-> He is known as the Lok Devta of rain.
-> His main temple is situated in Shyalodra (sikar).

8. Eloji

-> He is known as God of Village.
-> He is also known as the Lok Devta of Love.
-> His temple is situated in Eloji (Jaisalmer).

9. Fatta ji

-> He was born at Sathu ( Jalore).
-> Waged war with robbers in Sathu village in Jalore District.
-> Fair of fatta ji held every year on Bhadon Sudi Navami.

10. Dev Baba

-> He is known as the protector and savior of Gurjars.
-> His temple is at Nagla Jahag village of Bharatpur district.
-> His main worship place is at Ashind (Bhilwada).

11. Panraj Ji

-> He was born at Naga village, Jaisalmer.
-> His main place is at Panrajsir.
-> Two fairs every year held at panrajsar, Jaisalmer.

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