Iran Reveals Underground Nuclear Missile City Operated by Revolutionary Guards

Recently, Iran revealed their hidden Underground Nuclear Missile City through a video which is under the command of Islamic Revolutionary Guards. As shown in video, underground site contains many rockets and missiles stashed at the facility. It has been revealed by the Naval Unit of Revolutionary Guards. Iran claims it to be a small section of its expansive Missiles hidden underground at many such facilities across the coast of Persian Gulf. Last year, Iran claimed to build many underground facilities across Persian Gulf.

About Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps(IRGC)

It is a branch of Iranian Armed forces formed after Iran Revolution in 1979 by the Order of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It works Independently of the Iranian regular Army. Iranian Revolutionary Guards has its own branch of Army, Navy and Air Force which includes more than 250,000 active personnel as per 2011 reports. It is believed to formed to protect the Iranian Political System while the regular army protects the border and maintain Internal Law and Order situation.

Iran Reveals Underground Nuclear Missile City Operated by Revolutionary Guards

Iran Reveals Underground Nuclear Missile City

Iran has been working on Nuclear Program from past few years despite heavy US sanctions. Since Iran has not much developed its Air Force due to various sanctions so it has putting all the effort and money to desperately move its Missile Programmes forward.

Why Iran Revealed Hidden Nuclear Missile City

It is basically to warn the Western Countries and especially to Israel to stop attacks against Iran. It has also been done to send a clear message to Biden Administration to remove all the imposed sanctions and work on peaceful resolution of Iran-US Nuclear deal.

Where is the Location of Underground Nuclear Missile City

As per the current report, Iran Nuclear Missile City is unknown. Although, CIA and other agencies has pointed out some probable location but it is highly debatable. Most of the reports agrees it to be along the coast of Persian Gulf from where it can target Israel and other foreign countries. More on CIA pointed Nuclear Missile Sites.

List of Nuclear Facilities 

Iran claimed to use its Nuclear Facilities for peaceful Civilian purposes. Currently it has below known nuclear facilities:-

  • Arak Heavy Water Reactor
  • Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant
  • Bonab Research Centre
  • Esfahan Nuclear Technology Centre
  • Fordow Plant
  • Natanz Enrichment Plant
  • Parchin Military Complex
  • Tehran Nuclear Research Centre
  • Ardakan Yellowcake Production Plant
  • Gachin Uranium Mines
  • Saghand Uranium Mines
  • Yazd Radiation Processing Centre

Iran Missile Programme

Iran believed to have a different range of missiles but still far from developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles(ICBM). Iran claimed to have a missile of range 2000 km which makes Israel a potential target within its range in West Asia. The other long range missiles which Iran claimed to have with different ranges are:-

  • Emad : It can carry a payload of 750kg upto 3000 km
  • Shahab-3 : It is quad-exhaust Liquid Propelled Medium Range Ballistic Missile(MRBM).
  • Ashoura : It is a two-stage solid propelled MRBM with a range of 2000 km.
  • Khorramshahr : It is a liquid propelled MRBM with a range of 2000 km. Also able to carry multiple warheads.
  • Ghadr-110 : It is a liquid-propelled MRBM believed to have a range between 2000 km to 3000 km.
  • Sejjil : It is a two-stage solid-propelled MRBM with a range of 2000 km.

About Iran Nuclear Agreement

It is an Agreement signed between Iran, US and several other Global powers in July 2015. It was also formally known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA). Under this agreement, Iran agreed to dismantle much of its Nuclear program and open its facilities for International Inspection in exchange for removal of Sanctions. Later on President Trump withdrew United States from this agreement in 2018, claiming it failed to serve its objectives.

Relationship Between Iran and North Korea

It is widely believed that during Persian Gulf War, North Korea has supplied lot of Ammunitions to Iran. Along with that it had also supplied range of Arms includes Artillery, Anti-aircraft machine Guns, Mortar, Tanks and other variety of weapons. As per 2020 UN Report, Iran and North Korea has resumed its cooperation to develop long-range missiles. It has been evident that North Korea has been helping Iran to develop wide range of Missiles.

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