The Age of the Crusades(1066-1349): Important Events from World History

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In this tutorial, I will take you through the Age of the Crusades Question and Answers. The Crusades were the series of Campaigns lead by the Holy Church to reconquer and protect the land from Islamic ruler. These campaigns were more prominent in the Eastern Mediterranean regions where Islamic attacks and activities were very frequent. Sometimes crusades were financed by Church to gain political and territorial advantage.

Age of the Crusades

The Age of the Crusades(1066-1349)

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1. Whose effort to tax the church opened a struggle that lasted nearly a Century ?

Ans. Christopher(1252-1259)

2. Who made Conquests in Mecklenburg and Pomerania ?

Ans. Knut VI(1182-1202)

3. Who defeated Norwegians, Swedes and Wends and Conquered England in 1013 ?

Ans. Sven I

4. Who expanded Danish Power over Schleswig ?

Ans. Harold Bluetooth(950-985)

5. Which emperor was only interested in the churches of Limburg and Speyer ?

Ans. Conrad II(the Salian)

6. Who was known as Henry The Black ?

Ans. Henry III(1039-1056)

7. Who failed an expedition against Stephen of Hungary in 1030 ?

Ans. Conrad II

8. Who was the first Christian ruler of Sweden ?

Ans. Olaf Skutkonung(993-1024)

9. Who was forced to sign Danish Magna Carta in 1282 ?

Ans. Eric (V) Glipping

10. Who was defeated by King Harold of England in the battle of Stamford Bridge ?

Ans. Harald (III) Hardrada(1046-1066)

11. Who led a crusade into Finland in the first real expansion of Sweden ?

Ans. Eric IX(The Saint)

12. Who was the greatest Court Poets of Icelandic History ?

Ans. Snorri Sturleson(1179-1241) and Saxo Grammaticus(died in 1208). More on The Crusades: Causes and Goals

13. Who was written Historia Danica which was the chief source for the Hamlet Story ?

Ans. Saxo Grammaticus

14. Which King was able to conquer Iceland but was defeated in a war with Scotland ?

Ans. Haakon IV

15. Who was the three rival Pope at the end of Gregory VI reign ?

Ans. Gregory, Sylvester III and Benedict IX

16. Where was the first Norman Permanent Establishment ?

Ans. Aversa(1029)

17. Who was the first French Pope ?

Ans. Sylvester II(999-1003)

18. Who proclaimed the first crusade at the council of Clermont in 1095 AD ?

Ans. Pope Urban II

19. For helping which emperor the first crusade was proclaimed at the council of Clermont ?

Ans. Byzantine Emperor Alexios I

20. Which Pope began the practice of proclaiming political crusades against Christian heretics in 1199 AD ?

Ans. Pope Innocent III

21. Where is the tomb of Jesus Christ Located ?

Ans. It is located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

22. When did the City of Acre fell ?

Ans. 1291 AD

23. What caused the Loss of Territory of Levant ?

Ans. It was due to the downfall of City of Acre.

24. Why the Age of the Crusades is important in World History ?

Ans. It gives us the insight of the steps taken by the Church to protect and reconquer the holy land from Muslim Invasion. It also tells about the other Goals Papacy wanted to achieve using the Crusades.

25. Who Sponsored the Seventh and Eighth Crusades in 1248 AD and 1270 AD ?

Ans. Louis IX

26. Which Event marked the end of Era of Latin Crusader Kingdom ?

Ans. Fall of City Acre

27. How many Crusades took place during 12th and 13th Centuries ?

Ans. There were 8 official Crusades and several unofficial crusades took place during 12th and 13th Centuries.

28. During which crusades Constantinople was sacked ?

Ans. Fourth Crusade

29. When did Pope Urban II received an appeal from Alexios to kick the Seljuks out of Holy Land ?

Ans. 1095 CE

30. What was the Larger Interest of Pope Urban II to send an army to help the Byzantine Empire ?

Ans. Pope Urban II hopes to reunite the Western(Catholic) and Eastern(Orthodox) Christian Churches with himself as the supreme head above the Patriarch of Constantinople. The two were in Split since 1054 CE.

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