The Kingdom of Italy(1870-1914): Important Kingdom from World History

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In this tutorial, I will take you through important questions and answers from The Kingdom of Italy as part of World History. The Origin of Italy can be traced back to the times of Roman Empire where Rome was founded as a Kingdom in 753 BC and then became a republic in 509 BC. This marks the beginning of Senate and Roman Republic which came after overthrowing the monarchy. Later on, Roman republic played its role to unify the Italy at the expense of the Etruscans, Celts, and Greeks of the peninsula. We will see all the important questions related to History of Italy from exam point of view.

The Kingdom of Italy

The Kingdom of Italy(1870-1914)

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1. Which Law defined the relations between the government and the Papacy ?

Ans. The Law of Guaranties(13 May,1871). More on The Kingdom of Italy

2. How much Annual Income was assigned to Pope under the law of Guaranties ?

Ans. 3,250,000 lire

3. When did Triple Alliance of Italy, Austria and Germany formed ?

Ans. 20 May, 1882

4. When did Italy entered Rome and ended the one thousand years of Papal temporal power ?

Ans. 1870 AD

5. When did King Victor Emmanuel II became the King of Italy ?

Ans. 1860 AD

6. Which war allowed Italy to annex Veneto ?

Ans. The third Italian war of Independence.

7. Which King was also known as "May King" ?

Ans. Umberto II

8. In which Year Charles VIII of France attacked Florence ?

Ans. 1494 AD

9. As per the Legend, when did Rome was founded ?

Ans. 753 BC

10. As per the Legend, who founded Rome on 753 BC ?

Ans. Romulus and Remus

11. When did Gauls sacked the City of Rome ?

Ans. 387 BC

12. In which battle Julius Caesar defeated Pompey The Great ?

Ans. Battle of Pharsalus

13. When did King Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia died ?

Ans. 1878 AD

14. Who assassinated King of Italy Umberto I in 1900 AD ?

Ans. Gaetano Bresci

15. When did Count Camillo di Cavour became prime minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia ?

Ans. 1852 AD

16. Who provided military support to free Naples and Sicily from Bourbon rule in 1860 ?

Ans. Giuseppe Garibaldi

17. Who was the First King of the newly Born Italian State in 1861 ?

Ans. Vittorio Emanuele II

18. In which battle Octavian annihilated the Egyptian Forces in 31 BCE ?

Ans. Battle of Actium

19. In which ruler name the month of August is named ?

Ans. Augustus

20. What is Pax Romana ?

Ans. It is a 200 peaceful and thriving years of Roman Empire under the reign of Emperor Augustus.

21. Under which ruler Poets like Vergil and Ovid thrived and developed a rich Literature ?

Ans. Augustus

22. How many Jews are estimated to be killed in First Jewish Revolt ?

Ans. Around 1,356,460 deaths

23. Who was appointed as the vassal King for the Roman Empire in Jerusalem between 37 BCE - 4 BCE ?

Ans.  King Herod

24. When did Lombart seized Ravenna ending the rule of Eastern Roman Empire in Central Italy ?

Ans. 751 AD

25. When did Frankish forces defeated Lombards and gave much of Central Italy authority to the Papacy ?

Ans. 756 AD

26. When was Charlemagne crowned as the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire ?

Ans. 800 AD

27. From when the Islamic rule became effective over Sicily ?

Ans. 902 AD

28. Who was the first King of Sicily ?

Ans. Roger I

29. Who was the last King of Sicily ?

Ans. Ferdinand III

30. When was the Sicily claimed by German Hohenstaufen Dynasty ?

Ans. 1194 AD

31. Which of the Italian cities became the Europe getaway to trade with the East ?

Ans. Venice and Genoa

32. In which year black death wreaked havoc by killing atleast one third of Italian Population ?

Ans. 1348 AD

33. Where did the Italian Renaissance began ?

Ans. Tuscany

34. Who were the Masaccio, Piero della Francesca, Giotto di Bondone, , Domenico Ghirlandaio, Perugino and Michelangelo in Italian History ?

Ans. Artists

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