History of Bulgaria(1762-1885): Important Facts from World History

In this tutorial, I will take you through the history of Bulgaria which plays an important role in World’s History. Historically, Bulgars were the ancient Turkic semi-nomadic warrior tribes that flourished in the region of Caspian and Volga region. Subsequently, in 632 AD Bulgars formed an Independent state north of the Black Sea which became the Great Bulgarian State. We will see all the important questions related to Bulgaria which can be asked in your exams as part of World History.

History of Bulgaria

History of Bulgaria(1762-1885)

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1. Who wrote the History of the Bulgarian People in 1762 ?

Ans. Monk Paisi

2. Who translated Bible into Bulgarian Language ?

Ans. Monk Neophytos, aided by the American Missionary, Elias Riggs in 1840.

3. Who was elected as Prince of newly formed Bulgarian State ?

Ans. Alexandra I(1879-1886)

4. Who was Alexander I ?

Ans. He was the favorite Nephew of Russian Tsar.

5. Who was elected as Prince by the Bulgarian Assembly in 1887 ?

Ans. Prince Ferdinand I(1887-1918) of Saxecoburg.

6. When was Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization(I.M.R.O) formed ?

Ans. 1893

7. What was the purpose of I.M.R.O ?

Ans. To work for an autonomous Macedonia.

8. When was Stambulov murdered by Macedonian revolutionaries ?

Ans. 15 July,1895

9. When did Prince Ferdinand recognized by Russia and Other Powers ?

Ans. 19 Feb,1896

10. When did Ferdinand assumed the title of Tsar ?

Ans. 5th Oct,1908

11. Why Russians were protesting violently in 1885 during revolution at Philippopolis ?

Ans. It is because Alexander was in favor of Union of Eastern Roumelia with Bulgaria.

12. Why Alexander won the enmity of Russia in 1883 ?

Ans. It is because he restored the Constitution of 1879. More on A Brief History of Bulgaria

13. When did Macedonian King Ameyntus I surrendered his country to Persians ?

Ans. Between 512-511 BC

14. Which Commander was left by Darius in Europe to complete the conquest in the Balkans ?

Ans. Megabazus

15. When did Celtic Tribes Clashed with the forces of Macedonian King Cassander in Mount Haemos ?

Ans. 298 BC

16. When did Comontorius attacked and conquered Thrace ?

Ans. 279 BC

17. When did Romans first Invaded Thrace ?

Ans. 188 BC

18. When was the first Christian Monastery founded in Europe ?

Ans. 344 AD

19. Who founded the first Christian Monastery in Europe ?

Ans. Saint Athanasius

20. Who was the main worship deity of Bulgars ?

Ans. Tengri is considered to be the chief god who created all the things.

21. Who brought Tengri as the chief worship deity in Eastern Europe ?

Ans. Huns and Early Bulgars

22. Which of the three largest Bulgar Tribes were united by Khan Kubrat in 632 AD ?

Ans. The Kutrigur, the Utugur and the Onogonduri

23. What was the Capital of Great Bulgaria ?

Ans. Phanagoria

24. When did Kubrat signed a peace treaty with emperor Heraclius of the Byzantine Empire ?

Ans. 635 AD

25. Who is known as the first Bulgarian Ruler ?

Ans. Asparuh

26. When did Khan Krum occupied the territory of Adrianople ?

Ans. 813 AD

27. In which battle Kaloyan defeated the forces of the Latin Empire ?

Ans. Battle of Adrianople in 1205 AD

28. Who entitled himself “In Christ the Lord faithful Tsar and autocrat of the Bulgarians, son of the old Asen” in an Inscription ?

Ans. Ivan Asen II

29. When was The “Treaty of San Stefano” signed ?

Ans. 3rd March 1878

30. When did the Bulgarian revolted in the April Uprising ?

Ans. April 1876

31. When did Russian declared war on Ottomans for the Liberation of Bulgaria ?

Ans. April 1877

32. Which event led to the Constantinople Conference of the Great Powers in 1876–77 ?

Ans. April Uprising

33. When did Serbia attacked Bulgaria ?

Ans. In 1885

34. By when Bulgaria was completely subjugated by the Ottoman Empire ?

Ans. 1396 AD

35. Which was the initial Permanent capital of First Bulgarian Empire ?

Ans. Pliska

36. Who led the restoration of Bulgarian State to form the Second Bulgarian Empire after the Collapse of First Bulgarian Empire ?

Ans. Asen and Peter

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