The Papacy(1815-1914): Important Questions and Answers from World History

In this tutorial, I will take you through important questions and answers from the Papacy time period which played a huge role in World History. The Origin of Papacy is closely linked to Saint Peter during the onset of first century. Although papacy had its origin since Jesus but the temporal power only came during the reign of Constantine. Since then Cathedral Church and Pope became the Centre of Christianity all around the world till this day. Hence it is utmost important for us to know about the role of papacy played in the World History. We will see various questions and answers related to this topic in below sections.

The Papacy

The Papacy(1815-1914)

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1. Under whom the Jesuit Order and the Inquisition were re-established in Rome ?

Ans. Pius VII

2. Where did the discontent against the Rule of Priests centered ?

Ans. Carbonari

3. Who prosecuted the leaders in 1821 after rising in Naples ?

Ans. Consalvi

4. What was the chief activity of the papacy under Pius VII ?

Ans. To recover its International influence in Europe.

5. Who was Consalvi ?

Ans. Cardinal Consalvi(1757-1824), was the secretary of state under Pius VII. More on History of the Papacy.

6. By whose efforts Pope obtained the restitution of the states of the church from Congress of Vienna ?

Ans. Cardinal Consalvi

7. Who enacted Catholic Emancipation Act in England ?

Ans. Pius VIII

8. Who are known to glorify the Catholic Church and the authority of the pope ?

Ans. Rene Chateaubriand, Robert de Lamennais and Joseph de Maistre

9. Who was known as the “Pope of Progress” ?

Ans. Pius IX

10. Under which Pope, revolts were suppressed ?

Ans. Gregory XVI(1765-1846)

11. Who was known as the Pope of Poor and Humble ?

Ans. Pius X

12. Who was appointed as arbitrator in a dispute between Germany and Spain Over the Possession of Caroline Islands?

Ans. Leo XIII(1810-1903)

13. Who was called traitor due to his neutrality against the war with Austria in 1848 ?

Ans. Pius IX

14. Who had Baptized Constantine I in May, 337 ?

Ans. Eusebius of Nicomedia, an Arian bishop

15. When did the construction of “Basilica of Constantine” Started ?

Ans. 310 AD

16. What was the use of the famous 8th Century Forgery – “Donation of Constantine” ?

Ans. It was used to place the Pope in Central Figure of Constantine Christianity. More on History of Papacy.

17. Who presided over the first council of Nicaea ?

Ans. Constantine I

18. Who was the first Bishop of Rome ?

Ans. Damasus I

19. When did Constantine moved the Capital of Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium ?

Ans. Between 324-330 AD

20. When was the first Papal election took place without the existence of a Western Roman Emperor ?

Ans. March, 483 AD

21. When was the Era of Byzantine Papacy ?

Ans. Between 535-752 AD

22. When did all the Papal States incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy ?

Ans. 1870 AD

23. Which pope was the major figure in increasing the Pope primacy between 590 AD to 604 AD ?

Ans. Pope Gregory I

24. Which period is known as the “Nadir of the Papacy” as per historian Will Durant ?

Ans. Between 867 AD to 1049 AD

25. Why the period between 867 AD to 1049 AD was called as the “nadir of the papacy” ?

Ans. It is due to the reason that in this period pope was controlled by the powerful and corrupt aristocratic family, Theophylacti, and their relatives.

26. When did Italy became a constituent kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire ?

Ans. In 962 AD

27. Which Roman Emperor deposed all three rival popes and installed Pope Clement II when he reached Rome in 1048 AD ?

Ans. Henry III

28. Which Period is known as the period of conflict between Pope and Holy Roman Emperor in the History of Papacy ?

Ans. Between 1048 AD to 1257 AD

29. Who promulgated “In nomine Domini” in 1059 ?

Ans. Pope Nicholas II

30. Which pope was known as “the Warrior Pope” for his use of bloodshed to increase the territory and property of the papacy ?

Ans. Pope Julius II

31. Which Pope diplomatic and military campaign resulted the sack of Rome in 1527 ?

Ans. Pope Clement VII

32. As a result of which treaty Vatican City was established on 1929 ?

Ans. Lateran Treaty

33. What was the period for Ostrogothic Papacy ?

Ans. Between 493 AD to 537 AD

34. Who has ended the Ostrogothic Influence from Rome ?

Ans. Justinian

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