25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Machu Picchu

In this article, we will look into 25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Machu Picchu. One of the most visited wonder in Peru is the Machu Picchu which continues to remain a mystery of Inca Civilization. There are lot of interesting points that one should know about this place. Machu Picchu is located on the high mountains of Andes. One of the most interesting point about this place is that it is not visible from below due to which it remain unnoticed from many rulers and conquerors in the past. It is also sometimes referred as the "Lost City of the Incas". More on Machu Picchu.

25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Machu Picchu

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Machu Picchu

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1. Where is Machu Picchu ?

Ans. 08680, Peru

2. What is Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca citadel located in the Eastern Cordillera of southern Peru on a 2,430-meter (7,970 ft) mountain ridge.

3. Who built Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Pachacuteq, the first Inca emperor

4. When was Machu Picchu built ?

Ans. The dwellings at Machu Picchu were probably built and occupied from the mid-15th to the early or mid-16th century.

5. Who discovered Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Hiram Bingham III

6. How high is Machu Picchu ?

Ans. 2,430 m

7. How old is Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Carbon dating suggests that Machu Picchu was probably occupied between 1420 and 1530.

8. What does Machu Picchu mean ?

Ans. In the Quechua language, machu means "old" or "old person", while pikchu means either "portion of coca being chewed" or "pyramid, pointed multi-sided solid.

9. How far is Machu Picchu from Lima ?

Ans. Machu Picchu is located 312.5 miles from the capital city of Lima.

10. What country is Machu Picchu in ?

Ans. Peru

11. Why was Machu Picchu built ?

Ans. Both skeletal and material remains suggest that Machu Picchu was built to serve as a royal retreat, although its purpose is ultimately unknown.

12. Who lived in Machu Picchu ?

Ans. It was mostly inhabited by Inca Civilization.

13. When was Machu Picchu discovered ?

Ans. 1911

14. Why was Machu Picchu abandoned ?

Ans. The reason for the site's abandonment is unknown, but lack of water may have been a factor.

15. When was Machu Picchu declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site ?

Ans. 1983

16. What are the three Primary Structures in Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Its three Primary Structures are:-

  • The Intihuatana,
  • The Temple of the Sun, and
  • The Room of the Three Windows

17. When was the Machu Picchu voted as one of the new seven wonders of the World ?

Ans. 2007

18. Why Irrigation was not needed for the terraces in Machu Picchu ?

Ans. It is because of the large amount of rainfall at Machu Picchu.

19. How did Its most of the inhabitants died ?

Ans. It is widely believed that most of the inhabitants died from smallpox which was introduced by the Spanish conquerors.

20. What Civilization built Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Inca Civilization

21. Which is the nearest river from Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Urubamba River

22. Are Machu Picchu and other sites in the area are built over earthquake faults ?

Ans. Yes

23. Which method has been used to build Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Ashlar Masonry

24. How much construction has been done underground in Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Around 60% of construction

25. How many terraces were made in Machu Picchu ?

Ans. Over 700 terraces

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