25 Popular Questions on Global Refugee Crisis Problem

In this section I will take you through 25 Popular Questions on Global Refugee Crisis Problem. Refugee Crisis is a major issue in war torn countries across the world. Right After World War -2 when everyone thought major war was over, world started witnessing another set of wars based on Caste, Creed and Religion. As a result people started displacing from their homeland and migrating to other places.

Immediately after World War-2 we have seen Arab-Israeli war in which hundreds of Palestines were displaced from their homeland which created immediate Refugee Crisis Problem. Then world witnessed a Civil War in Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya , Somali in which thousands of People were displaced and later on had on settle on multiple refugee camps across other places.

As of now(April 2020), Syrian and Afghanistan refugees are major source for most of the refugee camps due to decade long war going on in those countries and still continuing . As of now, UN has failed to bring peace in those countries and as a result more and more people are getting homeless due to this war. Many of the Relief Camps are build as temporary shelter for refugees but due to unimproved situation those camps became a small shelter place for thousands of refugees with vibrant economy, small work places and with a governing on its own.

refugee crisis

Global Refugee Crisis

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1. What is Refugee Crisis ?

Ans. Refugee crisis is a situation arises due to war between two or more countries or due to civil unrest within the country led to mass eviction of people from the homeland to save their life and property.

2. Who has established youth centres in Zaatari Refugee Camp ?

Ans. UNICEF and The Norwegian Refugee Council(NRC)

3. How many Syrians Refugee lives in Zaatari Refugee Camp ?

Ans. Around 120,000

4. Where is Zaatari Refugee Camp ?

Ans. Jordan

5. Which Community Volunteer in Jordan Known as the mother of Syrians ?

Ans. Abeer Khreisha

6.  Which NGO is most active in Democratic Republic of Congo ?

Ans. Solidarite des Volontaires Pour I’Humanite

7. Who is the founder of Solidarite des Volontaires pour I’Humanite ?

Ans. Evariste Mfaume

8. Who is the Winner of 2019 Nansen Refugee Award ?

Ans. Azizbek Ashurov

9. From which country does Azizbek Ashurov belongs ?

Ans. Kyrgyzstan

10. Which award is named after Norwegian Polar Explorer Fridtjof Nansen ?

Ans. Nansen Refugee Award

11. When did Fridtjof Nansen been awarded Nobel Peace Prize ?

Ans. 1922

12. When did Fridtjof Nansen was appointed as the League’s High Commissioner for Refugees ?

Ans. 1921

13. Which is the largest Refugee Camp in the World ?

Ans. Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

14. Where is Panian refugee camp located ?

Ans. Pakistan

15. Who are the primary refugees in Pugnido Refugee Camp ?

Ans. 70% are from South Sudan

16. Which is the Oldest Refugee Camp ?

Ans. Zarqa Camp

17. Which crisis led to the establishment of Zarqa Camp in 1948 ?

Ans. Arab-Israeli War

18. Which Refugee Camp was constructed rapidly in 1990s due to Somali Civil War ?

Ans. Dagahaley Refugee Camp, Kenya

19. Which are the famous refugee camps in Kenya ?

Ans. Below are some of the Famous Refugee Camps in Kenya :-
a)Kakuma Refugee Camp
b)Hagadera Refugee Camp
c)Dagahaley Refugee Camp
d)Ifo Refugee Camp

20. Which country is the second largest source of refugees after Syria ?

Ans. Afghanistan

21. Which is the famous Informal Refugee Camp in South Sudan ?

Ans. Yida Refugee Camp

22. Which famous refugee camp is an unplanned settlement in Tanzania due to extermination of Hutu Civilians ?

Ans. Katumba Refugee Camp

23. When was Katumba Refugee Camp established ?

Ans. 1972

24. Who is the primary occupant of Katumba Refugee Camp ?

Ans. Burundian Nationals

25. Which are the World’s 10 Largest Refugee Camps ?

Ans. Below are the World’s 10 Largest Refugee Camps :-
a)Kakuma Refugee Camp
b)Hagadera Refugee Camp
c)Dagahaley Refugee Camp
d)Ifo Refugee Camp
e)Zaatari Refugee Camp
f)Yida Refugee Camp
g)Katumba Refugee Camp
h)Pugnido Refugee Camp
i)Panian Refugee Camp
j)Mishamo Refugee Camp



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