Popular Known Facts About Coronavirus(Covid-19)

In this session, I will take you through Popular Known Facts About Coronavirus(Covid-19). Covid-19 is now declared as Pandemic by WHO. As of now more than 780,000 positive cases reported in atleast 177 Countries. Out of which 37,686 confirmed deaths has been reported. You can track the total count on Coronavirus Meter. This is a highly infectious disease spreaded across the world and still continuing to Spread.

This pandemic has not just affected the Global health but also the Economic health of many countries due to a severe lock down in many countries. This lock down has severely impacted the production capability and the global economy is now heading towards severe slow down. In this time of Crisis, I would like bring few facts about Coronavirus as now a days there are lot of perception going around with this.


Facts About Coronavirus

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1. What is Coronavirus ?

Ans. The prefix Corona means Crown which means this virus appearance to have a crown like structure.

2. Is the Corona Virus belong to DNA or RNA Family of Viruses ?

Ans. This virus belongs to RNA Family of Virus.

3. What are the Four different Classifications of the Coronaviruses ?

Ans. Four Classifications are:-

4. Human Corona Viruses belongs to which Class ?

Ans. Alpha and Beta

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5. Which Virus contains the largest Viral RNA Genome ?

Ans. Corona Virus

6. When did the Corona Virus first found in Humans ?

Ans. 1960

7. Which symptoms are mostly common in Human due to Coronavirus Infection ?

Ans. Respiratory and Gastro Intestinal Infections are more common in humans.

8. Which are the Other Famous Outbreak happened due to Beta Class of Coronavirus ?

Ans. Two of the Famous Outbreaks are :-
a)Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) in 2002
b)Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(MERS) in 2012

9. Where was the first Case of SARS reported ?

Ans. In the Guangdong province of China

10. Where was the first Case of MERS Reported ?

Ans. In Saudi Arabia

11. What was the source of SARS Virus ?

Ans. It was transmitted from Bats to Civet to Humans.

12. What was the source of MERS Virus ?

Ans. It was transmitted from Camels to Humans.

13. Which part of Lungs Covid-19 loves to attack ?

Ans. Alveoli

14. Which Receptor Covid-19 loves to bind ?

Ans. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme(ACE-2) Receptors

15. Can Covid-19 virus spreads through air ?

Ans. It can travel through air by sneezing or coughing to a short distance and ultimately gets pulled down by Earth’s Gravity.

16. What is Community Spread ?

Ans. Community spread means people have been infected with the virus in an area, including some who are not sure how or where they became infected.

17. How to Prevent the Coronavirus ?

Ans. The best way to prevent is to avoid exposed to this Virus. Below are the few measure you can take:-
a) You need to maintain a safe distance of around 1-2 meter to avoid any spread.
b) You can avoid touching any infected Contact Surface.
c) Be away from Sick People.
d) Isolate yourself if you are sick.
e) Wash your hand for around 20 seconds if you are coming back from any public places.
f) Do not touch your eye, nose after sneezing or coughing.
g) Use Hand Sanitizer which contains atleast 60% Alcohol.
h) Clean and disinfect your house regularly.

18. What is the Incubation Period of Coronavirus ?

Ans. 2-14 days

19. What are the common symptoms observed due to Covid-19 ?

Ans. Below are the common symptoms:-
a) Coughing or Sneezing
b) Fever
c) Shortness of Breath

20. What are the Emergency warning signs of Covid-19 ?

Ans. Below are the few initial signs observed as of now:-
a) Trouble breathing
b) Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
c) New confusion or inability to arouse
d) Bluish lips or face

21. Around how many droplets a cough can produce in normal environmental conditions ?

Ans. Around 3000

22. Around how many droplets a sneezing can produce in normal environmental conditions ?

Ans. Around 10000

23. What is the Best Coronavirus Treatment Available ?

Ans. As of now there is no medicinal drug available to treat Covid-19 disease.

24. Who should get Tested ?

Ans. Those who has not shown any warning signs or symptoms of this disease does not required to be tested. They only need to be in self isolation in their home.

25. If you tested negative, does that mean you are not infected ?

Ans. No, You might not be infected at the time of sample collection.

26. What are the favourable temperature conditions for this virus to spread ?

Ans. As per recent report, there is no correlation found between temperature variations and spread of Covid-19.

27. What is Herd Immunity ?

Ans. It is a control distribution of a disease among people or groups that are least at risks.

28. What is Patient Zero ?

Ans. It is basically the first patient which gets infected by the Virus. It is also known as Index patient.

29. Who was the Index Patient for Covid-19 ?

Ans. As per Wall Street Journal, a 57 Yr Old lady Wei Guixian was the Patient Zero.

30. Why Corona virus is being called as “Novel” ?

Ans. The word Novel means “a new pathogen of a previously known type” of virus.

31. Is there a vaccine available for Covid-19 disease ?

Ans. No. As of now research is going on to create a vaccine.

32. What should you do when you suspect you have symptoms of Coronavirus ?

Ans. Immediately get your testing done in nearby healthcare facility.

33. Which countries are promoting herd Immunity ?

Ans. Countries like UK, Korea, Japan, Sweden are found to be promoting herd Immunity to fight this pandemic.

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