30 Best Manufacturing Industries Q&A

In this tutorial, We will go through 30 Best Manufacturing Industries Questions and Answers. These Questions given in Manufacturing Industries Q&A are the most important questions for all competitive exams. I have tried to cover all the important questions related to Manufacturing Industries .Now Let’s go through below Manufacturing Industries Q&A.

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries Questions and Answers

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1. How many Categories of Industries are there based on Ownership ?

Ans. Three Categories of Industry are there:-
a)Public Sector
b)Private Sector
c)Joint and Cooperative Sector

2. How many Categories of Industries are there based on the Use of their products ?

Ans. Four Categories of Industries are there:-
a)Basic Goods Industries
b)Capital Goods Industries
c)Intermediate Goods Industries
d)Consumer Goods Industries

3. How many categories of Industries are there based on Raw Materials Used by them ?

Ans. Four Categories of Industries are there:-
a)Agriculture Based Industries
b)Forest Based Industries
c)Mineral Based Industries
d)Industrially Processed Raw Material Based Industries

4. What are the common classes of Industries based on the nature of the manufactured products ?

Ans. Eight Classes of Industries are there :-
a)Metallurgical Industries
b)Mechanical Engineering Industries
c)Chemical and Allied Industries
d)Textile Industries
e)Food Processing Industries
f)Electricity Generation Industries
g)Electronics Industries
h)Communication Industries

5. Which rivers provide water to TISCO Plants ?

Ans. River Subarnarekha and River Kharkai

6. Where did IISCO(The Indian Iron and Steel Company) set up its first factory ?

Ans. At Hirapur

7. Which Industries are generally power intensive and require huge quantum of electricity ?

Ans. Aluminium and Synthetic Nitrogen Industries

8. Which Plant is located near area of Kemangundi in the Bababudan hills ?

Ans. Visvesvaraiya Iron and Steel Works Ltd.(VISL)

9. Which river supplies water to VISL Plant ?

Ans. River Bhadravati

10. Which Organizations are currently working in the Petrochemical Sector ?

Ans. Three Organizations are working under the administrative control of Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals:-
a)Indian Petrochemical Corporation Limited(IPCL)
b)Petrofils Cooperative Limited(PCL)
c)Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology(CIPET)

11. What is Optimum Location for Iron and Steel Industries ?

Ans. Near Raw Material Sources

12. Where do you usually find Heavy machine, machine tools and heavy chemical industries ?

Ans. Near their high demand areas as they are market Oriented.

13. What is India contribution of Sugar Production in World’s market ?

Ans. Around 8%

14. When did Salem Steel Plant commissioned in Tamil Nadu ?

Ans. 1982

15. Which is the first Port based Steel Plant in India ?

Ans. Vizag Steel Plant in Vishakhapatnam

16. How much is the contribution of IT Software and Service Industries in India’s GDP ?

Ans. Around 2%

17. What are the measures initiated during LPG Reforms in 1991 ?

Ans. Following measures are initiated:-
a)Abolition of Industrial Licensing
b)Free Entry to Foreign Technology
c)Foreign Investment Policy
d)Access to Capital Market
e)Open Trade
f)Abolition of Phased Manufacturing Programme
g)Liberalised Industrial Location Programme

18. Which Industry first started naphtha based chemical industry in Mumbai ?

Ans. National Organic Chemical Industries Limited(NOCIL)

19. In which belts Sugar Industries are usually concentrated ?

Ans. Ganga-Yamuna Doab and The Tarai Region

20. How many sugar factories were in operation during 1950-51 ?

Ans. 139

21. When did the Ship Building Industry started in Vishakhapatnam ?

Ans. 1941

22. Which goods are mostly get manufactured in Agra-Mathura Industrial Area ?

Ans. Glass and Leather Goods

23. Which industries are mostly dominant in Kollam-Thiruvananthapuram Region ?

Ans. Cotton textile, Sugar, rubber, matchbox, glass, chemical fertilizer and fish based industries.

24. Which goods are mainly dominant in Gurugram-Delhi-Meerut Region ?

Ans. Electronics, Light Engineering and Electrical Goods

25. Which region are known for heavy metallurgical Industries ?

Ans. Chotanagpur Region

26. Which region comes under Chotanagpur region ?

Ans. The region extends over Jharkhand, Northern Odisha and Western West Bengal.

27. Where can you find the major concentration of Jute Industries ?

Ans. Haora and Bhatapara

28. Where was the first Jute Mill got established ?

Ans. Rishra in 1855

29. Which are the important indices that determines the Clustering of Industries ?

Ans. Few of the major indices are:-
a)The Number of Industrial Units
b)Number of Industrial Workers
c)Quantum of Power used for Industrial Purposes
d)Total Industrial Output
e)Value Added by Manufacturing

30. In which region of Tamil Nadu Industrial growth has still not spreaded ?

Ans. Viluppuram


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