Best Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 Q&A Part-1

In this Session, I will take you through different sections of Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 Q&A Part -1. These Questions given in Best Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 Q&A Part-1 are the most important questions for all competitive exams. I have tried to cover all important questions related to Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 . Now Let’s go through below Best Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 Q&A Part-1.

Code of Criminal Procedure

Code of Criminal Procedure 1973

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1. What is the maximum years of Imprisonment for the Violation of Sec 144 ?

Ans. 3 Years

2. What is the maximum period for which Section 144 can be enforced ?

Ans. 2 months

3. Under Which Section Police may arrest without an order from Magistrate and without a warrant ?

Ans. Section 41

4. Under which Section a Magistrate of the first class may order a person to make a monthly allowance for the maintenance of his wife or his child ?

Ans. Section 125

5. Under which Section, Police cannot detain a Person for more than 24 hrs from his time of arrest to prevent any Cognizable Offence unless his further detention is requires or authorized by any other provision of this code ?

Ans. Section 151

6. Under which Section, Judicial Magistrate may withdraw or recall any case he has made?

Ans. Section 410

7. Which Section allows a Person who is convicted in High Court to appeal in Supreme Court ?

Ans. Section 374

8. What is the period to dispose an appeal made under Section 376, Section 376A, Section 376AB, Section 376B, Section 376C, Section 376D, Section 376DA, Section 376DB or Section 376DE of Indian Penal Code ?

Ans. 6 months

9. Which section does not allow to appeal if the Convicts pleaded guilty and has been convicted on such a plea ?

Ans. Section 375

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10. How Appellant present his case of appeal under section 383 if he/she is in Jail ?

Ans, Through Officer in charge of Jail

11. Which Section allows to present an appeal for Acquittal from Cognizable and non-bailable offence ?

Ans. Section 378

12. When did CrPC 1973 came into force ?

Ans. 1st April, 1974

13. Under which section Magistrate can order any person to arrest an offender under his jurisdiction ?

Ans. Section 44

14. Under which section Magistrate can himself arrest an offender for any crime done in front of him under his jurisdiction ?

Ans. Section 44

15. Under which section members of the Armed Forces cannot be arrested during discharge of his duty ?

Ans. Section 45

16. Under which section a police officer authorized to arrest a person without warrant can arrest that person from any place in India ?

Ans. Section 48

17. Under which section police need to inform the ground of arrests under which person is going to be arrested ?

Ans.  Section 50

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18. Which section tells the Police Officer to take care of the health and safety condition of accused ?

Ans. Section 55A

19. Which section tells Police Officer to arrest the escaped accused from any place in India ?

Ans. Section 60

20. Under which section, Police register FIR for cognizable offence ?

Ans. Section 154

21. Under which section, Police register FIR for non-cognizable offence ?

Ans. Section 155

22. Under which section Police needs to take permission from Magistrate to investigate for Non-Cognizable Offence ?

Ans. Section 155(2)

23. Under which section police records statements of witnesses after registering FIR for cognizable offence ?

Ans. Section 161

24. Under which section all the witnesses statements needs to be recorded in front of Magistrate for any cognizable Offence ?

Ans. Section 164

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25. Under which section Police completes the Investigation and provide the closure report ?

Ans. Section 173

26. Under which section you can provide a complain to magistrate in case police is not registering your FIR ?

Ans. Section 190(1)(a)


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