Best Arms Act 1959 and Its Amendments Q&A

In this Session, I will take you through Important Sections and amendments of Arms Act 1959. The main purpose of bringing this act was to regulate the purchase of Arms and Ammunitions, curb the illegal trade of arms and ammunitions and stop the violence arising from them. We will look into all important questions from Arms Act 1959 which can be asked in your Exams.

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Arms Act, 1959 and Its Amendments

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1. Which Section forbids the manufacture, sale, and use of prohibited arms and ammunition unless it has been specially authorized by the central government ?

Ans. Section 7

2. Which Section prescribes that any contravention of Section 7 that results in the death of any person ‘shall be punishable with death’ ?

Ans. Section 25A

3. Why Section 27 was amended in 1988 ?

Ans. To provide for enhanced punishments in the context of escalating terrorist and anti-national activities.

4. Which Section gives power to Convicting court to Confiscate for any arms or ammunition ?

Ans. Section 35

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5. Under which Section Police Officer or any other officer empowered by the Central Government can demand production of License from any Person carrying firearms ?

Ans. Section 19

6. Under which Section, Magistrate has power to search and seizure of Firearms and Ammunitions ?

Ans. Section 22

7. Which rule were quietly notified by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to substantially change the legal position of gun ownership in India ?

Ans. Arms Rules 2016

8. When did The Arms (Amendment) Bill, 2011 was introduced in Lok Sabha ?

Ans. 12th December, 2011

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9. Who introduced Arms (Amendment) Bill, 2011 in Lok Sabha ?

Ans. Minister of Home Affairs, Shri P. Chidambaram.

10. Which Section provides the provisions to make all arrest and searches based on Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 ?

Ans. Section 37

11. Under which Section a person cannot shorten the barrel of a firearm or convert an imitation firearm into a firearm unless he holds in this behalf a licence ?

Ans. Section 6

12. What is the meaning of “Imitation Firearms” in Arms Act, 1959 ?

Ans. It means anything which has the appearance of being a firearm, whether it is capable of discharging any shot, bullet or other missile or not.

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13. Under which Section, one cannot sale or purchase firearm which does not have any Identification Marks ?

Ans. Section 8

14. Which Section talks about the Minimum Age of Acquisition or Possession of Firearm ?

Ans. Section 9

15. What is the Minimum Age required for the Acquisition and Possession of Firearm ?

Ans. Age 21

16. Which Section prohibits the Import and Export of Arms without valid License ?

Ans. Section 10

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17. Under which Section of Arms Act 1959, Firearms License are granted ?

Ans. Section 13

18. Under which Section of Arms Act 1959, Firearms License are refused ?

Ans. Section 14

19. Under which Section a Person can appeal against the License Authority for Refusal of granting License ? 

Ans. Section 18

20. Under which Section Central Government can order the seize of Arms and Ammunitions possessed by any Person ?

Ans. Section 24


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