37 Best Questions on Constitutional Amendments of India

In this Session, I will take you through 37 Best Questions on Constitutional Amendments of India. These Questions given in 37 Best Questions on Constitutional Amendments of India are the most important questions for all competitive exams. I have tried to cover all important questions related to Constitutional Amendments of India . Now Let’s go through below 37 Best Questions on Constitutional Amendments of India.

constitutional amendments of india

Constitutional Amendments of India

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1. Which constitutional amendment restricted the size of the council of ministers to 15% of Legislative Members ?

Ans. 91st Amendment,2004

2. Which Constitutional Amendment made provision for Service Tax(Article 268-A) ?

Ans. 88th Amendment,2003

3. Which Constitutional Amendment provides right to education until the age of fourteen ?

Ans. 86th Amendment,2002

4. Which Constitutional Amendment included Bodo, Dogri, Santali and Maithali as Official Languages ?

Ans. 92nd Amendment,2004

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5. Which Constitutional Amendment enhances the Salary of Judges of High Courts and Supreme Courts of India ?

Ans. 54th Amendment,1986

6. Which Constitutional Amendment provides for special arrangements with regard to reservation of seats for Scheduled tribes in the States of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya ?

Ans. 58th Amendment,1988

7. Which Constitutional Amendment increased the elective Strength of the Lok Sabha from 525 to 545 ?

Ans. 31st Amendment,1973

8. Which Constitutional Amendment was enacted during the period of Internal Emergency ?

Ans. 42nd Amendment,1976

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9. By which amendment Sikkim became the 22nd State of the Indian Union ?

Ans. 36th Amendment,1975

10. Which Constitutional Amendment provides early childhood care until the age of Six ?

Ans. 86th Amendment,2002

11. Which article was amended by 13th Amendment,1963 ?

Ans. Article 170

12. Which article was amended by 10th Amendment,1961 ?

Ans. Article 240

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13. Which Constitutional Amendment increased the retirement age of high Court Judges from 60 to 62 Years ?

Ans. 15th Amendment,1963

14. Which Constitutional Amendment seeks to authorize the government to prepare an authoritative text of the Constitution in Hindi ?

Ans. 46th Amendment,1982

15. Which Constitutional Amendment made defection to Another Party Illegal ?

Ans. 52nd Amendment,1985

16. Which Constitutional Amendment confers statehood on Goa ?

Ans. 56th Amendment,1987

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17. Which Constitutional Amendment provided a Special Provision for the Setting up of the New State of Goa ?

Ans. 57th Amendment,1987

18. Which Constitutional Amendment empowered the Central Government to impose Emergency in Punjab when deemed necessary ?

Ans. 59th Amendment,1988

19. Which Constitutional Amendment confers statehood on Mizoram ?

Ans. 53rd Amendment,1986

20. Which Constitutional Amendment provided the compensatory allowance to judges who are transferring from one High Court to Another ?

Ans. 15th Amendment,1963

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21. Which Constitutional Amendment provides an alternative scheme for sharing taxes between the Union and the States ?

Ans. 80th Amendment,2000

22. Which Constitutional Amendment extends the reservation of Seats for SC,ST and Anglo-Indians in the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies for next 10 Years ?

Ans. 79th Amendment,1999

23. Which Constitutional Amendment included Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali Languages in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution ?

Ans. 71st Amendment,1992

24. Which Constitutional Amendment extended the President’s rule in Punjab by Six months ?

Ans. 64th Amendment,1990

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25. Which Constitutional Amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 ?

Ans. 61st Amendment,1989

26. Which amendment was made to ensure direct election to all seats in Nagarpallikas and Municipalities ?

Ans. 74th Amendment,1992

27. Which amendment was done to ensure direct election to all seats in Panchayats ?

Ans. 73rd Amendment,1992

28. Which Amendment repealed Amendment 59 ?

Ans. 63rd Amendment,1989

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29. Which Amendment brought land reforms within the purview of 9th Schedule of the Constitution ?

Ans. 66th Amendment,1990

30. Which Amendment made Delhi National Capital Region ?

Ans. 69th Amendment,1991

31. Which amendment substituted Odia for Oriya ?

Ans. 96th Amendment,2011

32. Which amendment provided 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes in Government as well as Private Higher Educational Institutions ?

Ans. 93rd Amendment,2006

33. Which Amendment Added 9th Schedule to Protect the Land Reform ?

Ans. 1st Amendment,1951

34. Which Amendment affirmed the Power of Parliament to amend any part of the Constitution including Fundamental Rights ?

Ans. 24th Amendment,1971

35. Which Amendment Provided Statehood to Arunachal Pradesh ?

Ans. 55th Amendment,1987

36. Which is the Last Constitutional Amendment ?

Ans. 123rd Amendment is the last constitutional amendment as of now.

37. Which Article was Amended by Last Constitutional Amendment(123rd) ?

Ans. Article 338 was amended by Last Constitutional Amendment.


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