Working of Indian Constitution Popular Q&A Part – 1

In this tutorial, I will take you through the Working of Indian Constitution Questions and Answers Part-1. These Questions given in Working of Indian Constitution Popular Q&A Part-1 are the most important questions for all competitive exams. I have tried to cover all important questions related to Working of Indian Constitution . Now Let’s go through below Best Working of Indian Constitution Q&A Part-1.

Working of Indian Constitution

Working of Indian Constitution 

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1. Which amendment put restrictions on review powers of the Judiciary ?

Ans. 42nd Amendment

2. Which amendment cancels most of the changes that were effected by the 38th,39th and 42nd amendments ?

Ans. 43rd and 44th amendements

3. Why 38th,39th and 42nd amendments have been the most controversial amendments so far ?

Ans. Because these were made during backdrop of Internal Emergency in the Country from June 1975.

4. Which amendment increased the age of retirement of High Court Judges from 60 to 62 Yrs ?

Ans. 15th Amendment

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5. Which amendment increased the salaries of Judges of High Courts and the Supreme Court ?

Ans. 55th Amendment

6. When did Constitution of India Adopted ?

Ans. 26th November, 1949

7. When did Constitution of India Implemented ?

Ans. 26th January, 1950

8. What should be the minimum population density of an area to be defined as Urban Area ?

Ans. 400 persons per

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9. Which amendment usually called a repetition of 73rd Amendment ?

Ans. 74th Amendment

10. Which article allows Central Government to give directions to State Government ?

Ans. Article 257(1)

11. When does Central Government can legislate on matters from the State List ?

Ans. Only if the move is ratified by the Rajya Sabha

12. Who resolves the Legal Dispute Between Centre and States ?

Ans. Supreme Court of India

13. Can a person approach only High Courts of Issuance of Writs ?

Ans. No, He can either approach High court or Supreme court depends on his choice.

14. Which article provides power to Supreme Court to review any judgement ?

Ans. Article 137

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15. Which Amendment is known as Anti-Defection Amendment ?

Ans. 52nd Amendment

16. When did System of Parliamentary Standing Committees developed in India ?

Ans. 1983

17. What is the need of Committee System ?

Ans. To reduce the burden on the Parliament

18. Can Rajya Sabha reject Money bills ?

Ans. No

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19. How many states having a bicameral Legislature ?

Ans. As of now, Seven states are having bicameral Legislature:-

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Bihar
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Karnataka
  • Maharashtra
  • Telangana
  • Uttar Pradesh

20. How many members Uttar Pradesh send to Rajya Sabha ?

Ans. 31

21. Which all articles will need to be amended for simultaneous elections under ONE NATION ONE ELECTION ?

Ans. Article 83, Article 85, Article 172, Article 174 and Article 356

22. When do we celebrate Constitution day ?

Ans. 26th November

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23. Who was the calligrapher of Indian Constitution ?

Ans. Prem Behari Narain Raizada

24. Where was the Original Constitution of India was published ?

Ans. Dehradun

25. Who was the decorator of the constitution of India ?

Ans. Beohar Rammanohar Sinha and Nandalal Bose’s

26. From which material case is filled under which Constitution of India is Kept for Protection ?

Ans. Helium

27. Which schedule of the Constitution talks about Anti Defection Law ?

Ans. 10th Schedule

28. Who started Objective Resolution for Constitution of India ?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru

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29. When was the Objective Resolution started for Constitution of India ?

Ans. 13th Dec, 1946

30. From which country the Idea of Preamble was taken ?

Ans. United States

31. When we have adopted the Preamble for Constitution of India ?

Ans. 22nd Nov, 1947

32. Who said “Preamble is the Key of Constitution” ?

Ans. Thakurdas Bhargava

33. Who was the chairman of Drafting Committee of the Constitution ?

Ans. B.R Ambedkar

34. Who was the Constitutional Advisor ?

Ans. B.N Rao

35. Who proposed the preamble before drafting committee of the Constitution ?

Ans. Jawaharlal Nehru


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