20 Important Questions on Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes for All Exams

In this session, we will go through 20 Best Questions on Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes. Madhya Pradesh is located in the Central Part of India and is surrounded by the states of Uttar Pradesh to the northeast, Chhattisgarh to the southeast, Maharashtra to the south, Gujarat to the west, and Rajasthan to the northwest. We will go through all the Important Questions on Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes that can be asked in your Exams.

Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes

Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes

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1. How much health Insurance will be provided under Maha Ayushman Yojana 2019 ?

Ans. Under MP Maha Ayushman Scheme, govt. will provide health insurance of Rs. 7.5 lakh for secondary and tertiary hospitalization. This scheme will be implemented under Right to Health policy.

2. How many units of Power will be provided under Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana ?

Ans. 100 units of power would be provided to all households at Rs. 100.

3. How many days of employment are guaranteed under Yuva Swabhiman Yojana ?

Ans. Under MP Yuva Swabhiman Scheme, all the unemployed urban youths will get 100 days of guaranteed employment in 1 year and stipend at Rs. 13,000 per month.

4. What is the Primary Objective of Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana ?

Ans. The primary objective of this Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana is to raise farmers income in case of distress sale. In case the kharif crops are being sold at lower price than MSP in markets, then they can apply for BBY Scheme to get their loss covered.

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5. When did Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana(BBY) first launched ?

Ans. BBY Scheme was firstly launched by MP govt. in October 2017 to sustain the falling farm prices.

6. What is the Tagline of Nal Jal Scheme 2018 ?

Ans. “Ghar Ghar Narmada, Har Har Narmada”

7. How many people are expected to benefit from Nal Jal Scheme 2018 ?

Ans. Under Nal Jal Scheme, around 60 lakh people will have direct access to clean drinking water by FY 2018.

8. How much amount MP Govt will provide under Kisan Karj Rahat Scheme / MP Loan Waiver Scheme ?

Ans. Rs 2600 Crore

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9. How Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Yojana assists poor and lower middle class Income groups families in pursuing higher education ?

Ans. Under this scheme, MP govt. will pay the complete fees of all students from poor and lower middle income group families to assist them in pursuing higher education. All the students who have secured less than 70% marks in Class 12th examination belonging to any caste will be covered.

10. Which Scheme is launched to provide Career Counselling for Students ?

Ans. Hum Choo Lenge Aasman Scheme

11. How much Loan MP Government is providing without Interest to street vendors of Grameen areas under Mukhyamantri Rural Street Vendor Loan Scheme ?

Ans. Rs 10,000

12. How much Subsidy MP Government is providing to Farmers under Chief Minister Solar Pump scheme ?

Ans. Up to 90% Subsidy

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13. Up to how much Loan has been waived off for small and marginal farmers under Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana ?

Ans. Upto Rs 2 Lakh

14. How much assistance will be given to Single Women under Mukhyamantri Avivahit Pension Yojana ?

Ans. Rs. 300 per month to single women between the age of 50 to 79 years and Rs. 500 per month to women above 80 years of age or above.

15. How much Increment has been given to Shraddha Nidhi of Senior & Veteran Journalists ?

Ans. It has been increased from Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000

16. Which Scheme is launched to benefit the left out people of other schemes like PM Awas Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana, Ladli Laxmi Yojana, Charan Paduka Yojana ?

Ans. Mukhya Mantri Jan Kalyan Yojana (MMJKY)

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17. Who are eligible for Madhya Pradesh Flat Bill Yojana ?

Ans. All the beneficiaries who are utilizing electricity bill less than Rs. 1000/- and whose consumption is less than 500 W are eligible.

18. Under which Scheme MP Government will provide shoes for male and sarees & footwears for female tendupatta pluckers ?

Ans. MP Charan Paduka Yojana

19. How much Cash Incentive MP Government will provide to meritorious students under Pratibhashali Chhatra Protsahan Yojana ?

Ans. Rs 25000/-

20. How much assistance will be provided for the welfare of forest dwellers under MP Charan Paduka Yojana ?

Ans. MP Govt. will provide 16.50 crore to 56,000 families of Sidhi district





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