25 Important Questions from the House of Aragon(1276-1479)

In this article, I will take you through 25 Important Questions from the House of Aragon(1276-1479). Ramiro I who was the ruler of Jimenez Dynasty believed to established the House of Aragon. We will go through all the important questions from the house of Aragon as part of World History that can be asked in your exams.

The House of Aragon

The House of Aragon(1276-1479)

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1. When did Peter III Sailed for the expedition of the Conquest of Sicily ?

Ans. 1282

2. Who was Peter I of Sicily ?

Ans. After defeating Charles at Anjou, Peter III of Aragon became Peter I of Sicily.

3. When did Martin reunited Aragon and Sicily ?

Ans. 1409

4. Who succeeded throne after the death of Martin ?

Ans. Ferdinand of Castile I, a grandson of Peter IV.

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5. Who was Peter IV ?

Ans. He was husband of the Frederick II Sister.

6. Who defeated Charles at Anjou and became Peter I of Sicily in 1282 AD ?

Ans. Peter III

7. Which is known as the Magna Carta of Aragon ?

Ans. Regrant of the Privileges of Union in 1287 is known as the Magna Carta of Aragon.

8. When did Alfonso V conquered Naples ?

Ans. 1435 AD

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9. Who became the ruler of Naples after the death of Alfonso ?

Ans. Alfonso Son Ferrante

10. Who reunited Aragon and Sicily in 1409 AD ?

Ans. Martin

11. Who was awarded Naples and Sicily by Papacy ?

Ans. Charles of Anjou

12. What was General Privilege Document?

Ans. Aragonese Nobles had their demanded listed in a Document to uphold their Liberty, that document was known as General Privilege document.

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13. Who led the unsuccessful attempt of Crusading Army against Peter ?

Ans. King Philip III of France.

14. Why Alfonso seized Majorca ?

Ans. Alfonso seized Majorca because his uncle James had aided France during their crusade against Aragons.

15. Who awarded Sardinia to James II as compensation ?

Ans. Pope Boniface VIII

16. Who tried to secure unchallenged rights as King of Aragon by yielding his rights to Sicily in 1295 AD ?

Ans. James II

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17. Who forced Alfonso to confirm his Father General Privilege in 1287 AD ?

Ans, Aragonese Nobles

18. Who was accepted as the Proclaimed King of Sicily in 1302 ?

Ans. Fredrick

19. What made the Peter dissolved the Union and to annul its privileges ?

Ans. The devastation caused by the Black Death and the Royalist Victory over the Aragonese Union at Epila in 1348 enabled Peter to dissolve the Union.

20. Who founded the University of Lledia in 1300(the first in the House of Aragon) ?

Ans. James II

21. Which event led to the union of the House of Aragon and Castile ?

Ans. The accession on Ferdinand I of the House of Trastamara led to the union of the House of Aragon and Castile.

22. Who was Ferdinand I ?

Ans. He was the brother of King Henry III of Castile.

23. Who remained neutral during “the Great Schism” ?

Ans. Peter IV

24. What was Black Death ?

Ans. It was a Pandemic that ravaged Europe between 1347 AD and 1351 AD.

25. What led Peter IV back the Henry of Trastamara Claims to the Castilian throne ?

Ans. The Invasion of Peter I of Castile to the Crown of Aragon led Peter IV back the Henry of Trastamara Claims to the Castilian Throne.



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