30 Important Questions on History of Portuguese Rule in India for All Exams

In this Session, I will take you through 30 Important Questions on History of Portuguese Rule in India. As you might be aware that with the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, Europeans started looking for an alternate route to Asia for Trade as Turkish Empire had the Monopoly on the Land routes. With the arrival of Vasco Da Gama in Calicut, a new pathway was Opened for Portuguese to do trade and business with India. We will look into all the Important Questions related to History of Portuguese Rule in India which can be asked in your Exams.

History of Portuguese Rule in India

History of Portuguese Rule in India

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1. When did the Vasco Da Gama came to India second time ?

Ans. 1502

2. Which product did Vasco Da Gama took back with him to Portugal ?

Ans. Black Pepper.

3. Who had welcomed Vasco Da Gama at Calicut in 1498 ?

Ans. Zamorin(Hindu ruler of Calicut)

4. What was Cartaze System ?

Ans. It was kind of tax collected from the ships passing through the Arabian Sea.

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5. What was Feitoriaz System ?

Ans. It was an Entry Tax all ships has to pay at the entry ports.

6. Who was the First Portuguese Viceroy in India ?

Ans. Francesco de Almeida(1505-1509)

7. Which Portuguese Viceroy adopted the Blue Water Policy ?

Ans. Francesco de Almeida

8. Which Company was established by Portuguese to trade with India ?

Ans. Estado da India

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9. Which is the first Portuguese came to India through Cape of Good Hope ?

Ans. Vasco de Gama

10. Who is the first Portuguese visited to Cape of Good Hope ?

Ans. Bartholomew Dias

11. Which Gujarati helped Vasco Da Gama to reach India ?

Ans. Abdul Manik

12. When did Albuquerque first came to India ?

Ans. 1503 AD

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13. When did Albuquerque became the Viceroy in India ?

Ans. 1509 AD

14. When did Albuquerque snatched Goa from Yusuf Adilshah, ruler of Bijapur ?

Ans. 1510 AD

15. Which Portuguese Viceroy Shifted the Capital to Goa from Cochin ?

Ans. Nuno-da-Cunha

16. When did Nuno-da-Cunha Shifted the Capital to Goa from Cochin ?

Ans. In 1530 AD

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17. Who took control of Chaul, Salset and Bombay ?

Ans. Nuno-da-Cunha

18. In which battle Britishers broke the Portuguese monopoly ?

Ans. In the Battle of Suvali

19. When did Battle of Suvali happened ?

Ans. 1612 AD

20. Unde which treaty, Basin and Bombay came under the influence of Portuguese ?

Ans. Treat of Basin

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21. With whom Portuguese signed the Treaty of Basin in 1534 AD ?

Ans. Bahadur Shah(Ruler of Gujarat)

22. When did Portuguese given Bombay as a dowry to Prince Charles ?

Ans. In 1661

23. When did Mughals recaptured Hooghly from Portuguese ?

Ans. 1631 AD

24. Under which treaty Portugal and Spain divided the non-christian world between them by an Imaginary Line in Atlantic ?

Ans. Treaty of Tordesillas(1494)

25. When did Portuguese Navigator Bartholomew Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope ?

Ans. 1487 AD

26. When did Marathas Captured Salsette and Basein from Portuguese ?

Ans. 1739 AD

27. Which Place was used as the base of Piracy in Bay of Bengal by Portuguese ?

Ans. Hooghly

28. Which of the South Trading Ports were under the Control of Portuguese ?

Ans. Managalore, Cannanore, Cochin and Calicut.

29. Who was responsible for revenues and the Cargos and the dispatch of fleet under Portugal Administration ?

Ans. Vedor da Fazenda

30. Who were sent to the Akbar Court by Portuguese in 1580 ?

Ans. Rodolfo Aquaviva and Antonio Monserrate



I hope you liked the questions on History of Portuguese Rule in India. Please let me know your feedback on Comment Box.


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