20 Best Questions on Telangana Government Schemes for All Competitive Exams

In this session, I will take you through 20 Best Questions on Telangana Government Schemes. Telangana is located at the South Western part of India and is surrounded by Maharashtra to the north, Chhattisgarh to the east, Karnataka to the west, and Andhra Pradesh to the east and south. We will go through all the important questions on Telangana Government Schemes that can be asked in your Exams.

Telangana Government Schemes

Telangana Government Schemes

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1. Which Scheme has been launched by Telangana Government to provide one nutritious meal every day to pregnant and lactating women and children below the age of six through Anganwadi centres ?

Ans. Arogya Lakshmi

2. How many tanks government aiming to restore under Mission Kakathiya Scheme ?

Ans. 46,000

3. What is the Main aim of KCR Kit Scheme ?

Ans. The main aim of this scheme is to provide all the necessary items for pregnant women and the newborn baby.

4. Which Scheme has been launched by Telangana government to achieve “Avoidable Blindness Free” status ?

Ans. Kanti Velugu Program

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5. How much amount raise is been given by Telangana government under Kalyana Lakshmi Pathakam Scheme ?

Ans. It has been raised by 25% for disabled women. The state govt. will now offer Rs. 1,25,145 to women with disabilities on the occasion of their marriage. Previously, the govt. provides Rs. 1,00,116 under Kalyana Laxmi Yojana to low-income families who are deprived of performing marriages of their girl children.

6. How much Loan waiver will be given to Handloom sector under Handloom Weavers Loan Waiver Scheme  ?

Ans. The beneficiary will get the loan waiver of up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

7. How many handloom weavers will get covered under Handloom Weavers Loan Waiver Scheme ?

Ans. It is expected to cover about 2,467 handloom weavers across the state.

8. How much allowance Telangana Government will provide to all eligible Unemployed Candidates under Unemployment Allowance Scheme ?

Ans. Rs 3016 per month

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9. Up to how much Crop Loan will be waived off under Telangana Government Crop Loan Waiver Scheme ?

Ans Up to Rs 1 Lakh

10. How much Subsidy Telangana Government is providing in setting up Kiosks for selling fish, fish products & boats under Integrated Fish Development Scheme (IFDS) ?

Ans. 80% to 90% subsidy

11. What is the Objective of Telangana Government Integrated Fish Development Scheme (IFDS) ?

Ans. The primary objective of the IFDS Scheme is to Increase fish production and productivity by providing backward and forward linkages & enhancing livelihoods of fishers.

12. What is the Objective of Telangana Government Kanti Velugu Program ?

Ans. To achieve “Avoidable Blindness Free” status.

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13. How many people will take the benefit of Telangana Government Kanti Velugu Program ?

Ans. Around 3.70 Crore Citizens

14. How much raise in the Pension has been given by the Telangana Government under  Aasara Pensions Scheme ?

Ans. Pension amount has been raised from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,016 for all categories.

15. How much Pension raise has been given to differently Abled Person under Telangana Government Aasara Pensions Scheme ?

Ans. Pension amount of differently-abled persons has been increased from Rs 1500 to Rs 3,016.

16. How much Subsidy will be given to purchase buffaloes under Telangana Government Buffalo Distribution Scheme ?

Ans. Up to 50% Subsidy

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17. What is the Objective of Launching Mission Bhagiratha by the Telangana Government ?

Ans. To provide safe drinking water to everyone through dedicated water pipeline in the state.

18. How much cost is projected for Mission Bhagiratha ?

Ans. Rs 42,000 Crore

19. How much amount Telangana Government will spend on Farmers Investment Support Scheme (FISS) ?

Ans. Rs 12,000

20. What is the Objective of Launching Mee Seva Health Card under Mee Seva Health Card scheme ?

Ans. The objective of this card is to provide cashless treatment to State Government employees including the State Government pensioners along with their dependent family members.


I hope you liked the questions on Telangana Government Schemes. Please let me know your feedback on Comment Box.


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