51 Best Questions on History of British Rule in India(1668-1775)

In this article, i will take you through 51 Best Questions on History of British Rule in India. Britishers first came in India at the Port of Surat on August 24,1608 AD for the purpose of trade but later they expanded their Goal and established a Full Fledged Rule in India. We will go through all the important Events of History of British Rule in India from 1668 AD to 1775. There are many questions that can be asked in your exams from this period but we will only focus into the important questions of History of British Rule.

History of British Rule in India

History of British Rule in India(1668-1775)

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1. Who is considered as the founder of Madras ?

Ans. Francis Day

2. Which was the first British Fort Built in India ?

Ans. Fort St.George in Madras

3. Who Established the British First Factory at Hooghly in Bengal ?

Ans. Bridgman

4. With whose permission Bridgman first established a English factory in Bengal ?

Ans. Shah Shuja

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5. After paying how much annual amount British got the trade privilege in Bengal ?

Ans. Rs 3000

6. Who was the Governor of Bombay from 1669 AD to 1677 AD ?

Ans. Gerald Angiar

7. Who is the considered to be the founder of Bombay ?

Ans. Gerald Angrier

8. Which place became the major trade center of British in 18th Century after the fall of Surat in 17th Century ?

Ans. Bombay

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9. During British era, which places were under the Madras Presidency ?

Ans. Most of the present day Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh along with a few districts and taluks of Karnataka, Kerala and Orissa.

10. Who was the first English Governor of Bengal ?

Ans. William Hedge

11. Who established an English Factory in Sutanati in 1691 ?

Ans. Job Charnock

12. Why British Fortified the region of Sutanaati ?

Ans. Due to the revolt of Burdwan Zamindar Shobha Singh

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13. How Calcutta was founded in 1699 ?

Ans. After taking the permission of Bengal Subedar Ajimushshan in 1698-99, Company bought the Zamindari of Sutinata,Govindpur and Kalikata for Rs1200 from Zamindar Ibrahim Khan.These three villages were merged and the modern Calcutta was founded in 1699 by Job Charnock.

14. What was Dastak ?

Ans. Dastak was a letter of order for free trade.

15. Who called Farrukhsiar’s order “Magnakarta of the Company” ?

Ans. Aurum

16. When did Farrukhsiar issued a decree to exempt the Company Business in Bengal from Custom Duty in Lieu of Rs 3000 Annual Tax ?

Ans. 1717 AD

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17. After paying how much amount per annum Company business got freed from import-export fee in Surat ?

Ans. Rs 10000 per annum

18. Who was the founder of the State of Bengal ?

Ans. Murshid Quli Khan

19. Who was the founder of the State of Awadh ?

Ans. Sadat Khan

20. Who was the founder of the State of Hyderabad ?

Ans. Nizamulmulk

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21. Who was the founder of the State of Rohilkhand ?

Ans. Ali Muham. Khan

22. Who was the founder of the State of Mysore ?

Ans. Haider Ali

23. Who was the founder of the State of Jats ?

Ans. Churaman

24. Who Shifted Bengal Capital from Dhaka to Murshidabad ?

Ans. Murshid Quli Khan

25. Who declared Bengal an Independent state after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707 AD ?

Ans. Murshid Quli Khan

26. Which of the State were part of Bengal before 1707 AD ?

Ans. Bihar and Orissa

27. Who murdered Sarfraz Khan(Nawab of Bengal) in the battle of Giriya(1740) ?

Ans. Alivardi Khan

28. Who established Afsar Dynasty in Bengal after removing Nasiri Dynasty ?

Ans. Alivardi Khan

29. Who became Nawab of Bengal after Shujauddin ?

Ans. Sarfraz Khan

30. Who Crushed the Uprising of the Afghans in Bihar in 1748 AD ?

Ans. Alivardi Khan

31. Which River was accepted as the Border of Bengal and Maratha Empire in 1751 AD ?

Ans. Suvarnarekha River

32. Who Opposed the declaration of Sirajudullah, the successor of Alivardi Khan as Nawab of Bengal ?

Ans. Ghasity Begum, Mir Jaffer and Shaukat Ali

33. When did Black Hole Tragedy happened ?

Ans. 20th June,1756

34. As per John Zephania Hallwell, how many people survived out of 146 from Black Hole Tragedy ?

Ans. 23

35. Which Treaty was signed between Robert Clive and Sirajudullah ?

Ans. Treaty of Alinagar

36. Which all people were against Sirajudullah in Battle of Plassey ?

Ans. Mir Jafar, Ghasity Begum, Jagath Seth and Shaukat Ali.

37. Who transferred the Capital of Bengal from Murshidabad to Munger ?

Ans. Mir Qasim

38. Who said “The Battle of Buxar completed the unfinished work of plassey” ?

Ans. V.A Smith

39. Who concluded “Buxar war was more decisive in terms of outcomes than the battle of Plassey” ?

Ans. K.K Dutta

40. Who was the founder of Nasiri Dynasty ?

Ans. Murshid Quli Khan

41. Who was the Last ruler of Nasiri Dynasty ?

Ans. Mansur Ali Khan

42. Which treaty was signed as a result of Battle of Buxar ?

Ans. Treaty of Allahabad

43. Which rulers had fought against the British in Battle of Buxar ?

Ans. Mir Qasim, Shah Alam II and Shujaudollah

44. How much Pension Company decided to Pay to Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II as per the treaty of Allahabad ?

Ans. Rs26 Lakh

45. When was the 2nd Treaty of Allahabad was signed ?

Ans. 16th August, 1765

46. Who was the last Nawab of Bengal ?

Ans. Mubarakadullah(1770-1775)

47. Who terminated the Nawabi of Bengal ?

Ans. The First Governor General of India, Warren Hastings in 1775 AD

48. Who was the Nawab of Bengal from 1766 to 1770 ?

Ans. Saifudullah

49. Who was the Nawab of Bengal from 1765 to 1766 ?

Ans. Najmudola

50. When did Shaista Khan(Nawab of Bengal) confiscated Kasim Bazar Factory ?

Ans. 1686

51. When did Farukkshiar granted Royal Farman, Known as Magnakarta of Company ?

Ans. 1717



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