Agnipath Scheme | Purpose, Objectives, Benefits, Selection Process

For Indian citizens, the army is recruiting through the Agnipath Scheme. This programme aims to fill positions in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. In the Indian armed forces, the phrase "tour of duty" has recently attracted a lot of attention. The Indian government has just started the Agnipath Recruitment Program to help it along. Anyone who wants to join the Indian armed forces will be able to do so through this new entry point and opportunity. Whether it be the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, or Indian Army.


Agnipath Scheme | Purpose, Objectives, Benefits, Selection Process

Agnipath Scheme | Purpose, Objectives, Benefits, Selection Process

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There is no doubt that the Agnipath Military Bharti Program is a national government initiative available to all Indian residents. The people who are selected for this recruiting process are known as "Agniveers." Those who have been unable to obtain a position in the intelligence agencies will be permitted to join the Army, and the business sector will be able to hire them into the Army primarily during the 4-year contract service time with the government. It is a legitimate idea that may be looked into to permanently enlist capable young people in the Army.


Key Information about Agnipath Scheme

Conducting Body Indian Army
Scheme Name Agnipath Scheme
Service Area Indian Army, Indian Navy and India Air Force
Service Time Span 4 years
Candidates Shortlisted Are Called Agniveers
Age Limit 17.5 – 21 years
Official Website,, and


Purpose of the Agnipath Scheme

In order to train youth and lower retirement and pension costs, the national government's main objective is to establish the Indian Army Agnipath Entrance Program. This plan was developed by the Indian government to strengthen our security forces. Before being deployed in areas like the Jammu and Kashmir border, selected recruits would receive professional training.

The fact that there won't be an admissions test for the youth is the most significant component of this recruiting. Contrarily, in order to be prepared to enter the armed forces as professionals, candidates joining under the plan must undergo a longer training period - effectively, with at least 2 years for just a 3 tenure.


Broad Objectives

The Agnipath Scheme is an ambitious program of the Indian Government. There are some broader objectives for which the government is working, that are:-

  1. The Indian Armed Forces' youthful profile needs to be improved, allowing each member to take more risks and perform at their peak during all combat.
  2.  The youth of the nation who are eager to serve in the Indian Armed Forces for a shorter period of time now have that opportunity.
  3. The programme draws young talent from throughout the nation to adopt, employ, and exploit contemporary technologies with new and advanced thresholds the intake while they are utilising national technical institutions.
  4. This programme also aids in the development of many talents and traits among the recruits, including dynamism, motivation, self-control, and job skills.
  5. The programme hopes to instill in the young people the courage, commitment, camaraderie, and teamwork skills of the armed forces.


Who are Agniveers ?

The Agnipath Scheme is for young people in the nation who are between the ages of 17 and a half and 21 the age limit was later raised to 23. The young people who are hired through this programme are known as "AGNIVEERS."


Educational Qualification

Name of the Post Educational Qualification
Agniveer (General Duty) (All Arms) 10th or Matriculation with 45% marks in aggregate and 33% in each subject. For the grading system-minimum of D grade (33%-40%) in each subject or equivalent of grade containing 33% and overall aggregate in C2 grade or equivalent corresponding to 45% in aggregate
Agniveer (Tech)/ Agniveer Tech (Avn & Amn Examiner) 10+2/Intermediate Pass in science Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English with 50% marks in aggregate and 40% in each subject.
Agniveer Clerk / Store Keeper Technical (All Arms) 10+2 or Intermediate from any stream (Arts, Commerce, Science) with 60% marks in aggregate and minimum 50% in each subject. Securing 50% in English and Maths/Accountancy/Book Keeping in Cl XII is mandatory.
Agniveer Tradesmen (All Arms)10th pass Class 10th with 33% in each subject
Agniveer Tradesmen (All Arms) 8th pass Class 8th with 33% in each subject.


Medical Standards

For the candidate's enlistment in the Indian Armed Forces, there are certain medical eligibility requirements based on their separate classifications. Agniveers with low medical categories will still be allowed to serve in the army as Agniveers.


Selection Process

The Selection Process of the Agniveers is purely based on their performances in the Physical test, Medical test, and Training Program.



Following enrollment, the candidate will get military training that will be tailored to meet their organization's needs.



The Indian Armed Forces will make an effort to keep the central, high-quality database of the Agnivesers up to date. They will also adhere to the transparent shared assessment approach. Prior to their placement in the batches, the Agniveers will get general guidelines and their talents will be thoroughly recorded.


What will an Agniveer do after 4 years ?

Every year, a sizable number of candidates sign up for the Indian Army recruiting process and want to join the renowned Indian armed forces, but some candidates still fall short for a variety of reasons. Because it offers them a second entrance that creates a space for them, this entry represents a fantastic opportunity for them to realize their goal.

There is a chance that you will be kept on even after you have served for three years if your performance is good enough to keep you around after your tour of duty is up. Additionally, after serving their three-year term, soldiers who are dismissed will receive assistance in locating civilian employment. According to reports, the government is also in discussions with businesses about the 'Agniveers' future employment choices after their term is up.


Agnipath Scheme - Benefits and Advantages

  •  After joining the army, Agniveer would have a number of employment alternatives. Some of them would be eligible for retention by the Indian Army, where they would be able to act as the nation's long-term troops.
  •  Many corporate companies and huge multinational corporations have expressed interest in hiring "Agniveers," who are soldiers who are released from the Indian Army after three years of service and who can compete in the civilian world with the support of the Indian Army.
  • The scheme might also help Agniveers develop Personality. They will be exposed to the military's strict way of life.
  • Due to the specific training that the personnel will receive, they will be able to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle. It will also benefit the government since it will save a lot of money that can be used to modernize the armed forces.



The first year's compensation is Rs. 4.76 lakh, and the fourth year's compensation is Rs. 6.92 lakh. The Seva Nidhi bundle would cost around 11.71 lakhs after distribution, plus interest (tax free) A non-contributory insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh is also available.

Year Customized Package (Monthly) In Hand (70%) Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund (30%) Contribution to corpus fund by GoI
1st Year Rs. 30000 Rs. 21000 Rs. 9000 Rs. 9000
2nd Year Rs. 33000 Rs. 23100 Rs. 9900 Rs. 9900
3rd Year Rs. 36500 Rs. 25580 Rs. 10950 Rs. 10950
4th Year Rs. 40000 Rs. 28000 Rs. 12000 Rs. 12000
Total contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund after four years – Rs 5.02 Lakh
After the exit of 4-year contract – Rs 11.71 Lakh as Seva Nidhi Package (Plus interest and exempt from income tax)



The Modi administration surely proposed a transformative policy with the Agnipath plan. Following a number of reform initiatives that were recently announced, including the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), the creation of the Department of Military Affairs (DMA), the publication of many domestic industry-friendly procurement measures, particularly the positive indigenization list, and the corporatization of the Ordnance Factories (OFs) into seven DPSUs, the Agnipath project ushers in a new age of significant changes to strengthen India’s defence preparedness.

Given the emotionally charged nature of the reform, the administration deserves praise for enacting such a drastic reform. In order to improve the nation's ability to defend itself, the reform was long overdue. The short lifespan of the Agniveers would help to maintain a substantially younger military to confront emerging threats. The job reservations made by several government agencies will ensure their continued active participation in other economic sectors when they leave the military.

Like any reform, the Agnipath would undoubtedly go through some growing pains. The first challenge will be to provide the new Agniveers with the necessary training to make them combat-ready. Additionally, there can be some unhappiness, especially for those who want a longer employment duration with a reasonable lifetime pension payout.

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