Best April Current Events 2019 Q&A

In this Session, We will go through Best April Current Events 2019 Questions and Answers. These Questions given in April Current Events 2019 are the most important questions for all competitive exams. I have tried to cover all important questions of April Current Events 2019. Now Let’s go through below April Current Events 2019 Q&A.

April Current Events 2019

April Current Events 2019

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1. Who launches Malaria Elimination Research Alliance(MERA) ?

Ans. ICMR(Indian Council of Medical Research)

2. What is Odisha’s Durgama Anchalare Malaria Nirakaran(DAMAN) Initiative ?

Ans. It aims to deliver services to the most inaccessible and hardest hit people of the state.

3. Which is the World’s First Vaccine against a parasitic disease ?

Ans. Mosquirix

4. Where did India Pledged to eliminate Malaria by 2030 ?

Ans. At the East Asia Summit in 2015

5. What is Global Initiative of Academic Networks( GIAN ) ?

Ans. It aims at tapping the talent pool of Scientists and Entrepreneurs to engage with the Institutes of higher education in India to augment the country’s existing academic resources and accelerate the pace of quality reforms.

6. Who set up Traditional Knowledge Digital Library(TKDL) ?

Ans. It was a Collaboration between the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR) and the Ministry of Ayush.

7. How much milk India Produces Annually ?

Ans. Around 150 million tonne

8. Why did government extended the ban on import of milk and its products, including chocolates, from China ?

Ans. Due to the suspected presence of Melamine

9. Who developed a Comprehensive framework to achieve the overarching vision of “Malaria free India by 2030” ?

Ans. National Vector Borne Diseases Control Program(NVBDCP)

10. From when EC has been a three member panel, with a CEC and two Election Commissioners ?

Ans. Since 1993

11. As per Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy(CDDEP), India is short of how many doctors and nurses ?

Ans. 6 lakh doctors and 2 million nurses

12. Who proposed a Post Bachelor of Dental Science(BDS) bridge 3 Yrs course ?

Ans. Dental Council of India(DCI)

13. What is India Rank on 2019 Global Talent Competitive Index(GTCI) ?

Ans. 80th

14. What is Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation(SVEEP) ?

Ans. It is a programme of multi interventions through different modes and media designed to educate citizens, electors and voters about the electoral process in order to increase their awareness and participation in the electoral processes.

15. Which Bank merged with Bank of Baroda ?

Ans. Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank

16. What is the limit set for Ways and Means Advances(WMA) for first half of Financial Year 2019-20 ?

Ans. Rs75000 Crore

17. When did WMA first introduced ?

Ans. 1997

18. What is WMA ?

Ans. It is a temporary loan facility provided by RBI to Centre and State Government to meet temporary mismatches in the receipts and payments.

19. With which NBFC SBI signed co-origination Loan Agreement ?


20. Which Blockchain IMF and World Bank recently launched ?

Ans. Learning Coin

21. Who is current chairman of Bank Board Bureau ?

Ans. Bhanu Pratap Sharma

22. What is LCU L56 ?

Ans. It is the sixth ship of Landing craft utility (LCU) MK-IV Class dubbed as IN LCU 56

23. Under which act it is mandatory to Adhaar for the filing of return of Income ?

Ans. Finance Act 2017

24. As per Oxfam’s recently released ‘Mind the Gap – State of Employment in India’ Report, which sector generates the highest number of Jobs ?

Ans. Unorganized Sector

25. What are the five pillars of Islam ?

Ans. Shahadah, Zakat, Salat, Sawm and Haj

26. Which country has released special commemorative stamp on theme of Ramayana ?

Ans. Indonesia

27. How many multirole ‘MH-60’ Romeo Seahawk helicopters India buying from US ?

Ans. 24

28. When is the platinum Jubilee of Battle of Kangla Tongbi was observed ?

Ans. 7th April, 2019

29. Between which countries African Lion 2019 exercise happened ?

Ans. Morocco and United States(US)

30. When did CSIR was established ?

Ans. 1942

31. Between which countries ‘Bold Kurukshetra 2019’ exercise happened ?

Ans. India and Singapore

32. Which is the recent artillery gun inducted into Indian Army after K-9 Vajra and M-777 Ultra Light Howtizer ?

Ans. Dhanush Artillery Gun

33. How many Dhanush Artillery Guns Order Indian Army has placed with Ordinance Factory Board(OFB) ?

Ans. 110

34. Where did the 6th Edition of Mitra Shakti 2019 Exercise between India and Sri Lanka recently concluded ?

Ans. Diyatalawa, Sri Lanka

35. What is the top speed of Nirbhay subsonic missile ?

Ans. 0.7 Mach

36. What is the maximum operational range of Nirbhay Missile ?

Ans. 1000 KM

37. Who built recently inducted Offshore Patrol Vessel(OPV) Veera ?

Ans. Larson and Turbo(L&T)

38. How much Soft Loan EXIM Bank has provided to Rawanda ?

Ans. US $266.60 million dollars

39. Which is world’s first armed amphibious drone boat ?

Ans. Marine Lizard

40. According to Fitch Ratings, which is the first Central Bank in the Asia-Pacific(APAC) region to begin explicit interest rate easing cycle ?

Ans. Reserve Bank of India(RBI)



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