Assam: Short Notes on States of India – For UPSC/SSC/PSC Apirants

In this session, we will go through all Important Points related to Assam that can be asked in your exams. Assam is situated in the Northeastern state of India and is surrounded by Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh to the north, Nagaland and Manipur to the east; Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram and Bangladesh to the south, and West Bengal to the west via the Siliguri Corridor, a 22 kilometres (14 mi) wide strip of land that connects the state to the rest of India. The state of Assam is divided into 33 administrative districts.


Assam: Short Notes on States of India

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  • Assam is famous for its Tea and Silk.
  • State is also known as the land of Red River and Blue Hills.
  • Assam was once a part of Kamarupa, a state that had its Capital at Pragjyotishapura(now Guwahati). More on States of Assam.
  • Digboi is the first place in Asia where Oil Drilling started in 19th Century. It is also Known as Oil City of Assam.
  • State Animal is One Horned Rhinoceros and State bird is White Winged Wood Duck.
  • Assam is rich in Natural Resources like Petroleum, Coal, Limestone and Natural Gas. Apart from these many minor minerals like Clay, Quartzite, Feldspar etc.
  • Majuli is the world’s biggest river Island located on River Brahmaputra.
  • The longest Bridge of India Dhola-Sadiya Bridge is built on Lohit River which is an Important Tributary of Brahmaputra River.
  • Guwahati is the Assam’s Largest City.
  • The State has the largest Population of Wild Water Buffalo in the World.
  • State has the highest diversity of Bird in India with around 820 Species.
  • Jhum Farming is the widely Practiced Occupation of the Farmers in the State.
  • State Economy is mostly aided by the Wildlife tourism which is centered around Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park. Both are designated as World Heritage Sites.
  • Assamese and Bodo are the major official language of the State while Bengali is the 2nd most popular language of the State.
  • Major mountain ranges of the State are Mikir Hills, Barail Range and Bhuban Hills.
  • Brahmaputra is the major river in the State. It is Known to be older than Himalayas. Tributaries of Brahmaputra includes Manas, Kapili, Dhansiri and Barak.
  • Major Tiger Reserves of the State are Manas National Park, Orang National Park, Kaziranga National Park, and Nameri National Park.
  • State has two biosphere reserve: Manas Biosphere Reserve and Dibru Shaikhova Biosphere Reserve.
  • There are two Lakes in the State: Dipor Bill Lake and Haflong Lake. Dipor Bill Lake is also the Ramsar Site.
  • Major Tribes of the State are Bodo Kachari, Mishing, Khasi, Deori, Rabha, Tiwa or Lalung, Khamti and Sonowal Kachari.
  • Bihu is the famous Folk Dance of the State.
  • State is Known for its production of Assamese Gold Silk called Muga.
  • Baishagu is the common festival celebrated by the tribe of Boro Kacharis of Assam.
  • Popular Dances of Assam are Ankia Naat, Bihu Dance, Kushan Nritra, Bagurumba, Bordoicikhla, Sattriya, Banjar Kekan and Mishing Bihu.
  • GI Tags of Assam are Muga Silk, Joha Rice, Tezpur Lichi and Assam Karbi Anglong Zinger.

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