HMD - World's Largest Manufacturer of Syringes Shuts Plant in Haryana

Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices(HMD) - World's largest Manufacturer of Syringes was recently in news due to shutdown of plants following a directive from the Haryana Pollution Control Board. This has triggered a concern for Syringe shortfall in the Country.

About Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices(HMD)

Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices, commonly referred to as HMD, is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical devices for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. It was founded by (Late) Mr. Narindra Nath in 1957.

About Haryana Pollution Control Board(HSPCB)

The Haryana State Pollution Control Board was constituted in the year 1974 after the enactment of Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 to preserve the wholesomeness of water. Subsequently, with the enactment of other environmental laws the responsibility to implement the provisions of such laws was also entrusted to the Haryana State Pollution Control Board in the State of Haryana. More on HSPCB official website.

HMD - World's Largest Manufacturer of Syringes Shuts Plant in Haryana

HMD - World's Largest Manufacturer of Syringes Shuts Plant in Haryana

HMD operates four manufacturing units within an 11-acre complex in Faridabad and has shut three of them, including its main plant due to the prevailing air pollution situation in Delhi and NCR region. The company was asked to close down on voluntary basis by Haryana Pollution Control Board.

Why this Shut Down

HMD's plant are powered by piped natural gas and use diesel generators for power backup. Haryana Pollution Control Board thought plant were running on Diesel generator set hence causing Air Pollution. But according to company managing director that was not the case hence a plea has been made to restart the production.

Impact in the Country

HMD meets two-thirds of India's total syringe requirements. Company manufactures 150 lakh needles and 80 lakh syringes daily. Due to Covid situation, there is already a massive shortfall of syringes in the country.  Shutting down of units will make the situation only worse.

What does Commission Say

To the plea filed, company has now received the clearance from the commission of Air Quality management to restart the production. However it is only a partial reprieve. The Commission in its order said that all industries in Delhi NCR that are not powered by PNG or cleaner fuels shall be allowed to operate only upto eight hours a day from Monday to Friday and cannot run on weekends. More on Business Standard.

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