Switzerland Legalised Portable Sarco Pods for Assisted Suicides

Recently, Switzerland medical review board has legalised portable sarco pods for assisted suicides. Assisted suicide is not a new concept in Switzerland. It has been legal since 1942 in the country since 1942. Sarco device is to make the process easier by providing painless and instant death. People of this country has long advocated the Right to Death.

What is Sarco Pod

It is an euthanasia pod or device consisting of a 3D printed detachable capsule mounted on a stand that contains a canister of liquid nitrogen to commit suicide through inert gas asphyxiation.

Features of Sarco Pod

  • It can only be operated from inside.
  • It also features an emergency stop button and an escape hatch.
  • Users will have the option to choose either transparent or dark view from the Capsule.

Who designed Sarco Pod

It is designed and developed by Exit International. Philip Nitschke is known to be founder of Australia registered Exit International.

About Exit International

It is an International Non-Profit Organization advocating legalisation of voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. It was founded by Philip Nitschke in 1997.

Switzerland Legalised Portable Sarco Pods for Assisted Suicides

Switzerland legalised Portable Sarco Pods for Assisted Suicides

Switzerland is among the few handful number of nations who legalised suicide or assisted suicides.  According to, Some 1,300 people died by assisted suicide in Switzerland in 2020 using the services of the country’s two largest assisted suicide organizations, Exit (no connection to Exit International) and Dignitas. The method currently in use is ingestion of liquid sodium pentobarbital. Major of the nations still criminalises any form of suicide.

Why Choose Suicide

There are lot of different reasons due to which people would choose death instead of life. Some of the common reasons includes person suffering from terminal illness, someone who lost loved ones, someone facing financial troubles, experiencing a traumatic event etc.

Legal Status in India 

There were lot of discussions happened about changing or modifying its legal status in India but at present Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code, 1973 criminalises attempted suicide as well as any suicide assistance.

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