US threat to Sanction India on India-Russia S-400 Missile System Deal

In this article, we will discuss about US threat to Sanction India on India-Russia S-400 Missile Systems Deal under CAATSA Act. In Oct 2018, India signed a $5.2 billion contract with Russia to procure 5 units of S-400 Missile Defence System. The first phase of the deal was expected to be completed by the end of 2021 but Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the delivery.

India has completed the first tranche of $800 million payment. The main aim of buying this Missile System is to protect its crucial Infrastructure from enemy Missiles attacks. While this deal has benefited India a lot but it also attracted the danger of US Sanction on India. US currently using its federal law that is CAATSA Act to put heavy sanctions on countries who is going against the country Interests.

What is CAATSA Act

CAATSA is also known as Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act. It is an act passed by the US Congress and Senate and ultimately signed by President Donald Trump in 2017 to counter the aggression by Iran, North Korea and Russia.

US threat to Sanction India on India-Russia S-400 Missile System Deal

US Threat to Sanction India on India-Russia S-400 Missile System

Currently Visiting US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin has raised the issue of India’s planned procurement of the S-400 Triumf Air Defence System from Russia and stressed that Allies and partners should avoid any kind of acquisitions that will trigger sanctions. On this, Modi government replied that Indian armed forces have a Diversed Portfolio.

Why Buying Weapons and Missiles from Russia

Russia is the biggest and oldest ally of India in terms of Cooperation and Development. In turn, India is the largest importer of Russian Defence Products. According to a SIPRI report, India remains the world second largest Importer of Major arms from 2014 to 2018. It accounted for nearly 9.5% of the total Global Arms Trade. The strongest turning point came during India-Pakistan 1971 War in which Russia emerged as the sole supporter of India against American Naval Warship aggression in Bay of Bengal region. After that, the partnership between India and Russia grew considerably in last few decades.

About India-Russia S-400 Missile System

On 15 October 2016, during the BRICS Summit, India and Russia signed an Inter-governmental Agreement (IGA) for the supply of five S-400 regiments. The US$5.43 billion deal (₹40,000 crore) was formally signed on 5 October 2018, ignoring threat of US sanctions.

Why India Chose S-400 Missile System

India’s premier defence agency DRDO(Department of Research and Development Organization) currently working on developing Indigenous Missile Defence System. Currently this project is in advance stage but it will take some time before it gets operational. So to protect its territory from foreign Aggression, India needed some strong Missile Defence System.

After years of analysis and discussion, India chooses the World’s most advanced and complex Russia’s S-400 Missile Defence System due to its capability to neutralize multiple Aerial Targets. It is also considered cheaper as compared to other Advanced Missile Defence Systems in the World.

Other Countries Who Purchased S-400 Missile System

  • Belarus
  • China
  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia

Features of S-400 Missile System

  • It utilizes an actively utilized Scanned Array.
  • It has a detection range of around 400 KM.
  • It can be deployed within 5 minutes.
  • S-400 can engage 36 simultaneous targets.
  • It is Capable of Firing 3 type of missiles to create a multi Layer Defence.
  • Difficult to find the operating location of S-400 Missile systems even by the most advanced stealth aircraft of the World.

List of Ongoing Deals with Russia

  • Recently India Signed a Rs1500 Crore deal with Russia to procure R-26 Air to Air Missiles which is to be equipped on Sukhoi-30MKI Aircraft.
  • India started the manufacturing of T-90S Battle Tanks and also signed a contract with Russia to extend the building License until the year 2028.
  • Last Year in 2020, India and Russia signed 14 MoUs in the field of development and production of advanced Land, Naval and Air Civilian Products. More on PIB.
  • Russia also offered its 3 refurbished Kilo Class Submarines in December 2019.
  • India and Russia signed a joint venture to produce 200 Kamov 226T helicopters, in which 60 will be supplied to India in fly away condition while remain 140 Choppers will be manufactured in India under USD $1 billion deal.

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