17 Important Points About Cape La Grand National Park, Australia

In this article, we will look into 17 Important Points About famous Cape La Grand National Park, Australia. There are not many places in Australia where Kangaroo can be found. It is one of the few places in Australia where visitors can get a sight seeing of famous Australian Kangaroos. Cape La Grand National Park is also famous for its spectacular view of the south-west corner where massive granite and gneiss peaks rise from the coastal plain. This park has been a favorite destination for thousand of tourists who arrives here every year. We will see some more important point about this park in below section.

17 Important Points About Cape La Grand National Park, Australia

Important Points About Cape La Grand National Park, Australia

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  • This national park is situated in the Western part of Australia.
  • It was established in the year 1966.
  • It is 631 km south-east of Perth and 56 km east of Esperance.
  • This park is spread across a massive 31,801 hectares area.
  • The park comprises mostly heath-covered sandplain, interspersed with swamps and pools of fresh water.
  • The area is an ancient landscape which has been above sea level for well over 200 million years and remained unglaciated. Hence this area is known for many primitive relict species.
  • It is managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife.
  • Mainly this park is used for fishing, off-roading, tourism, and hiking.
  • The national park name was given in the name of one of the officers on L'Espérance, one of the ships in the 1792 expedition of Bruni d'Entrecasteaux.
  • Lucky Bay, Rossiter Bay, Hellfire Bay, Le Grand Beach, and Thistle Cove are the beaches which is included within the Park.
  • Lucky Bay is known to be the home of friendly kangaroos which are often seen soaking up the sun.
  • It's rolling heathlands are home to pygmy honey possums, western grey kangaroos, bandicoots, ring tailed possums, quenda and a diversity of colorful wildflowers. More on wikipedia.
  • Other species like blue china orchid Cyanicula gemmata, Diuris corymbosa, Hakea laurina, Thusanotus sparteus and Thelymitra macrophylla are present inside within the park.
  • The south-west section of the Park is mostly dominated by rock outcrops of gneiss and granite.
  • The islands and waters present to the south of the park are known as the Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve.
  • Rock-climbing is popular at Frenchman’s Peak and Mount Le Grand.
  • In the Spring season, Cape La Grand National Park wildflowers like Groves of Banksia blossoms into beautiful colors.

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