24 Popular Questions on Martial Arts in India (IAS IFS IPS UPSC SSC)

In this article, I will take you through 24 Popular Questions on Martial Arts in India. India is the Land of Rich and diverse culture where Martial Arts were practiced and performed from very ancient time. These Martial arts once used during war now became a part of our culture and is sometimes being showcased during some Festivals. Some of the Martial Arts are very popular and are still being practiced in large group of people. We will go through all the Important Questions on Martial Arts in India that can be asked in your Exams.

Martial Arts in India

Martial Arts in India

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1. When did Inbuan Wrestling originated ?

Ans. 1750 AD

2. Which Martial Art is also known as Empty-Hand Silambam ?

Ans. Kuttu Varsai

3. Which weapons are usually being used in Gatka Martial Arts ?

Ans. Stick, Kirpan, Talwar and Kataar.

4. Who created Pari-khanda martial art ?

Ans. Rajputs

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5. Where did Paika Akhada Martial Art Originated ?

Ans. Odisha

6. Where did Bandesh Martial Art Originated ?

Ans. India

7. Which weapons are required to be used in Sqay Martial Art ?

Ans. Swords and Shields

8. Who created Thang-ta Martial Art ?

Ans. It was created by the Meitei people of Manipur.

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9. What are the few different techniques of Kalaripayattu Martial Arts ?

Ans. Few of the techniques are :-

  • Uzhichil
  • Fighting with Otta
  • Maipayattu
  • Puliyankam
  • Verumkai
  • Angathari

10. In which Tamil literature of 2nd AD the reference of Silambam Martial Art can be found ?

Ans. Silappadikaram

11. What would be the diameter of the Circle under which Cheibi Gad-ga Martial Art Content can take place ?

Ans. 7 metre

12. Which Martial Art form was famously practiced by Shivaji ?

Ans. Mardani Khel

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13. Which wrestling is known as Nicobarese wrestling ?

Ans. Kirip , Saldu

14. Which Martial Art in Maharashtra requires the use of Pole and Rope ?

Ans. Malla Khamb

15. Which dance was based on Pari-khanda Martial Art ?

Ans. Chhau Folk Dance

16. How many Peoples usually requires to perform Thoda Martial Art ?

Ans. Two groups with 500 People each.

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17. Where did Malla Khamb Martial Art Originated ?

Ans. Maharashtra

18. Where does the Lathi Martial Art majorly gets practiced ?

Ans. In the Parts of Punjab and Bengal

19. Where did Insu Knawr Martial Art Originated ?

Ans. Mizoram

20. In which Festival Thoda Martial Arts usually get performed ?

Ans. Baisakhi Festival

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21. When did Kalaripayattu Originated ?

Ans. It was Originated in Kerala around 3rd Century BC.

22. What is the difference between thang-ta and Sarit Sarak Martial Art ?

Ans. Thang-ta is an armed martial art whereas Sarit Sarak is an unarmed art form.

23. Which is the place of Origin of Varma Ati Martial Art ?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

24. Where did Kathi Samu Martial Art Originated ?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh



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