Important Questions on Seas of the World(Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea)

In this session, we will go through seas of the world. Water covers almost 71% of the entire planet and in that 96.5% are covered by Oceans. Seas are basically smaller part of Oceans. There are more than 80 big seas present around the globe. Usually seas are found on the margins of Oceans and are partially enclosed by land.

You might have seen people using Ocean and Sea word interchangeably but there are five accepted oceans and rest of the water bodies whose size is lesser than the Oceans are in the form of seas. Every year you will see atleast one question related to seas of the world in your exams hence it is important to go through the seas of the world.

Seas of the World

Important Questions on Seas of the World

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1. Which Sea connects Spain to Morocco in Mediterranean Sea ?

Ans. Alboran Sea

2. Which Sea Connects Spain to Balearic Islands ?

Ans. Balearic Sea

3. Which Sea Connects Italy to Corsica ?

Ans. Lingurian Sea

4. Which Sea Connects Greece from Turkey ?

Ans. Aegian Sea

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5. Which is the Shallowest Sea of the World ?

Ans. Sea of Azov

6. In which sea Novy Port and Dikson port are located ?

Ans. Kara Sea

7. Which is the Principal port on Chukchi Sea in Russia ?

Ans. Uelen

8. Which Sea is bounded on the west by the Long Strait, off Wrangel Island, and in the east by Point Barrow, Alaska, beyond which lies the Beaufort Sea ?

Ans. Chukchi Sea

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9. Which Sea is separated from the Barents Sea to the west by the Kara Strait and Novaya Zemlya, and the Laptev Sea to the east by the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago ?

Ans. Kara Sea

10. Which of the seas are the coldest seas on North Pole ?

Ans. Greenland, Barents, Beaufort, Kara, Laptev and East Siberian Seas are the coldest seas on North Pole.

11. Which of the seas are the coldest seas on South Pole ?

Ans. Weddell and Ross Seas are considered to be coldest on the South Pole.

12. Which sea borders on the Laptev Sea to the west and the Chukchi Sea to the east ?

Ans. East Siberian Sea

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13. Which sea is located near Kamchatka Peninsula ?

Ans. Sea of Okhotsk

14. Which Sea is Known as East Sea ?

Ans. Sea of Japan

15. Which sea is located between Japan and Korean Peninsula ?

Ans. Sea of Japan

16. Which sea is located to the southwest of the Philippines island ?

Ans. Sulu Sea

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17. Which sea is located to the south of the Philippines island ?

Ans. Celebes or Sulawesi Sea

18. Which Sea is bordered by the Torres Strait and through that the Coral Sea to the east, the Gulf of Carpentaria to the south, the Timor Sea to the west and the Banda and Ceram seas to the northwest ?

Ans. Arafura Sea

19. Which sea is bounded on the north by the island of Celebes and on the south by Sunda Islands of Flores and Sumbawa ?

Ans. Flores Sea

20. Which of the Seas bordered the Flores Sea ?

Ans. The seas that border the Flores Sea are the Bali Sea (to the west), Java Sea (to the northwest), and the Banda Sea (to the east and northeast). More info on Seas of the World(Flores Sea, Banda Sea.

21. Which of the Islands borders the Banda Sea ?

Ans. It is bordered by Sulawesi to the west, Buru, Ambon Island, Seram, Aru Islands, Barat Daya Islands, to the Tanimbar Islands, the Kai Islands and Timor in the East.

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22. In which sea major port of Arkhangelsk of Russia is located ?

Ans. White Sea

23. Which Canal Connects the Baltic Sea and North Sea ?

Ans. Kiel Canal

24. Which Sea in the Arctic Ocean has been controversial over the maritime boundary between Russia and Norway ?

Ans. Barents Sea

25. Which are the Marginal Seas of Pacific Ocean ?

Ans. Below are the marginal seas of pacific ocean :-

  • Bering Sea
  • Celebes Sea
  • Coral Sea
  • East China Sea
  • Philippine Sea
  • Sea of Japan
  • Sea of Okhotsk
  • Yellow Sea
  • Tasman Sea
  • South China Sea

26. Which are the Marginal Seas of Atlantic Ocean ?

Ans. Below are the Marginal seas of Atlantic ocean :-

  • Argentine Sea
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Labrador Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • North Sea
  • Norwegian Sea
  • Scotia Sea

27. Which are the Marginal Seas of Indian Ocean ?

Ans. Below are the marginal seas of Indian Ocean :-

  • Andaman Sea
  • Arabian Sea
  • Bay of Bengal
  • Java Sea
  • Red Sea
  • Persian Gulf

28. Which are the Marginal Seas of Arctic Ocean ?

Ans. Below are the marginal seas of Arctic Ocean :-

  • Barents Sea
  • Irish Sea

29. Which marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean, located north of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Alaska, and west of Canada’s Arctic islands ?

Ans. Beaufort Sea

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30. In which sea there is an international boundary dispute going on between Canadian territory of Yukon and the U.S. state of Alaska ?

Ans. Beaufort Sea

31. Which Marginal Sea of the North Atlantic Ocean is located between Baffin Island and the west coast of Greenland ?

Ans. Baffin Bay







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