Important Questions on Ancient Vedic Civilization(1500 BC – 600 BC)

In this article, i will take you through important questions on Ancient Vedic Civilization. Vedic period or Vedic Age existed in the late Bronze age and early Iron age somewhere between 1500 BCE to 600 BCE in the northern Indian Sub Continent. This period is known as the second urbanization period in the Indo Gangetic Plan after the end of Indus Valley Civilization. This period was marked as the development of Vedas influenced by the Brahmanical Ideology. Vedas remains the primary source of information of Vedic Civilization and the way of life developed in this period. We will go through all the important questions related to the development of Vedic Civilization that can be asked in your exams.

Ancient Vedic Civilization

Ancient Vedic Civilization(1500 BC – 600 BC)

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1. What are different theories of Origin of Aryans ?

Ans. Below are the different theories of Origins of Aryans given by different peoples:-

  • Central Asia – Max Muller
  • Tibet – Dayanand Saraswati
  • Europe – Sir William Jones
  • North Pole – Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Saptasindhav Region – Avinash Chandra

2. In which place of India Aryans were first settled ?

Ans. They settled in the Present Frontier Province and the Punjab, then called SAPTA SINDHU i.e region of rivers.

3. What are the different literary productions in Vedic Culture ?

Ans. Below are some of the productions:-

  • Vedas or Samhitas
  • The Brahmanas
  • The Aryankas
  • The Upanishads

4. Why Vedas are called Apaurusheya ?

Ans. It is called apaurusheya because it was not created by man but by the god.

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5. What is Vedatrayi ?

Ans. Riga Veda, Sama Veda and Yajur Veda are collectively called Vedatrayi.

6. Which Veda contains the Gayatri Mantra ?

Ans. Rig Veda

7. Where were the Aryans when Rig Veda was composed ?

Ans. They were in the regions of Punjab.

8. Which Text is known as the first testament of Mankind ?

Ans. Rig Veda

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9. How many hymns and verses are there is Rig Veda ?

Ans. The Rig Veda contains 1028 hymns and 10,580 verses divided into 10 Mandalas.

10. Which Mandala in Rig Veda contains famous Purushasukta ?

Ans. 10th Mandala

11. What is Purushasukta ?

Ans. It is a hymn in Rig Veda which explains about four Varnas:-

  • Brahamana
  • Kshatriya
  • Vaishya
  • Shudra

12. How many verses Sama Veda contains ?

Ans. 1549 verses

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13. How many Sama Veda verses were taken from Rig Veda ?

Ans. All of the 1549 verses(excluding 75) of Sama Veda were taken from Rig Veda.

14. Which Veda is known as the Book of Chants ?

Ans. Sama Veda

15. Which Vedic book is known as Book of Sacrificial prayers ?

Ans. Yajur Veda

16. Who recited the hymns of Yajur veda ?

Ans. Adhvaryus

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17. Which Vedic Book is known as Book of Magic Formula ?

Ans. Atharva Veda

18. Who recited the hymns of Sama Veda ?

Ans. Udgatri

19. Which is the oldest Upanishads ?

Ans. Vrihadaranyaka

20. How many Upanishads are there ?

Ans. 18

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21. When did the Upanishads came ?

Ans. At the end of the Veda

22. Which is the longest Epic in the World ?

Ans. The Mahabharata

23. Which is the largest Parvan of the Mahabharata ?

Ans. Shanki Parvan

24. How many Shlokas are currently there in Mahabharata ?

Ans. 100,000

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25. Which is the most important God in Rig Veda ?

Ans. Indra

26. Which is the second most important God in Rig Veda after Indra ?

Ans. Agni

27. How many hymns are dedicated to Indra in Rig Veda ?

Ans. 250 hymns

28. How many hymns are dedicated to Agni in Rig Veda ?

Ans. 200 hymns

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29. What are the Important Gods mentioned in the Rig Veda ?

Ans. Few of the Important Gods mentioned in Rig Veda are :-

  • Rudra – the god of Animals
  • Indra – the god of Rain
  • Agni – the god of fire
  • Dyaus – the oldest god and the father of the world
  • yama – the god of death
  • Sindhu – River Goddess
  • Ashwin/Nashtya – the god of health, youth and immortality
  • Aditi – the great mother of gods

30. In which place Aryans appeared first ?

Ans. Iran

31. Which Inscriptions gives evidence that a branch of Aryans moved east from Iran ?

Ans. Mitanni Inscriptions

32. Which Animal played a significant role in the life of Aryans ?

Ans. Horse played a significant role in the life of Aryans as it enabled them to make successful inroads into
Western Asia from 2000 BC onwards.

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33. Which oldest text in the Iranian Language has similarities with the Rigveda of Aryans ?

Ans. Avesta

34. How many Vedangas are there ?

Ans, There are Six Vedangas:-

  • Shiksha – the study of phonology, phonetics and pronounciation.
  • Chhandas – the study of prosody, which looks at the poetic meter.
  • Vyarkarana – the study of grammar and linguistics
  • Nirukta – the study of etymology
  • Kalpa – the focus on ritual instructions
  • Jyotisha – the study of auspicious times.

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35. What are Vedangas ?

Ans. Vedangas are Six auxilliary disciplines associated with the study and understanding of the Vedas.




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