42 Most Important Questions on Indian Literature (Art & Culture)

In this article, I will take you through 42 Most Important Questions on Indian Literature. Over the years many prominent scholars written and composed Poetry, Love Stories, War Stories etc in various Indian languages and took the Indian Literature to different Level. Today we have so many texts and books which provides enough references to our glorious Past. From the earliest Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, tamil language to modern regional languages like gujrati, oriya, Bengali, hindi etc, Indian Literature has flourished throughout the years. We will look into all the important questions of Indian Literature that can be asked in your exams.

Indian Literature

Important Questions on Indian Literature

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1. Which Rashtrakuta King written Kavirajamarga ?

Ans. Amoghavarsha I

2. Which of the poets are known as “the three gems” of the Kannada Language ?

Ans. The three gems are:-

  • Pampa(9th-10th Century AD)
  • Ponna(9th-10th Century AD)
  • Ranna(10th)

3. Who wrote Manimekalai ?

Ans. Satthanar

4. Who wrote Silappadikaram ?

Ans. Ilango-Adigal

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5. Which are the two famous Tamil texts written in 6th Century AD ?

Ans. Silppadikaram and Manimekalai

6. Which are the two poets very popular in Secular Tamil writings ?

Ans. Periya Puranam and Kambaramayanam

7. Which famous Female Tamil Saint contributed to Sangam Literature ?

Ans. Avvaiyar

8. Which are the two very famous Malayalam works of the Medieval Period ?

Ans. Kokasandisan and Bhasa Kautilya

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9. Who was the first known poet in Telugu Literature ?

Ans. Nannayya from 11th Century AD

10. Which king produces the famous poetry Amuktamalyada ?

Ans. Krishnadevaraya(1509-1529)

11. Who is known as the father of Malayalam language ?

Ans. Ezhuthachan

12. Who wrote famous Malayalam poem Ramacharitam ?

Ans. Cheeraman in 12th Century

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13. Which Period is known as the Golden Period of Telugu Literature ?

Ans. Vijayanagara Period

14. How many Poems were collected in Tolkappiyam ?

Ans. Around 2000 Poems

15. Who wrote Uttara Ramacharitam ?

Ans. Bhavabhuti in 700 AD

16. Which Sanskrit play shows the Celebration of Holi for the first time ?

Ans. Ratnavali

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17. Who wrote Kiratarjuniya ?

Ans. Bharavi in 6th Century AD

18. What are the Five Major Subjects on which Puranas are based ?

Ans. Five Subjects are :-

  • Sarga
  • Pratisarga
  • Manvantra
  • Vansa
  • Vanshanucharita

19. What is the main difference between Parable and Fable ?

Ans. Parable features Human Character in stories whereas Fable features Animals, Plants, mythical creatures etc in stories. More on Indian Literature.

20. How many Major Puranas are there ?

Ans. 18

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21. How many Minor Puranas or Upa-Puranas are there ?

Ans. 19

22. Who wrote Vikramorurvasiya ?

Ans. Kalidasa

23. Which text needs to be read first to fully understand the vedas ?

Ans. Vedangas

24. How many diseases treatment are mentioned in Atharva Veda ?

Ans. 99

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25. When did the Rigveda was compiled ?

Ans. Around 1500-1200 BC

26. How many verses are there in Ramayana ?

Ans. 24,000

27. How many verses are there in Mahabharata ?

Ans. 24,000

28. Who wrote Chandasastra ?

Ans. Pingala

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29. Who wrote Pancha-Siddhantika ?

Ans. Varahamihira

30. Who wrote Bang-e-Dara ?

Ans. Iqbal

31. Who wrote Padshahnama ?

Ans, Abdul Hamid Lahori

32. Who wrote Diwan-i-Makhfi ?

Ans. It is the compilation of Zeb-un-Nissa writings.

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33. Which book is believed to be the first Hindi Book ?

Ans. Prithviraj Raso

34. When did Malik Muhammad Jayasi composed his Padmavat ?

Ans. 1540 AD

35. Who wrote Tarikh-e-Firoz Shahi ?

Ans. Ziauddin Barani

36. Who translated Mahabharata into Persian Language ?

Ans. Razmnama

37. In how many sections modern period of Hindi is divided ?

Ans. It is divided into four sections:-

  • Bhartendu Yug(1868-1893)
  • Dwivedi Yug(1893-1918)
  • Chhayavad Yug(1918-1937)
  • Contemporary Period(1937-today)

38. Who wrote Kamayani in 1936 ?

Ans. Jaishankar Prasad

39. Who is known as the pioneer of the Digambara sect ?

Ans. Bhadrabahu

40. Who was Known as Kalikalasarvajna ?

Ans. Hemachandra Suri

41. Which are the famous Buddhist Literary Texts ?

Ans. Following are the few of the famous Buddhist Literary Texts :-

  • Dipavamsa
  • Milinda Panho
  • Mahavamsa
  • Mahavastu
  • Lalitavistara Sutra
  • Udana
  • Bodhi Vamsa
  • Mahavibhasa Shastra
  • Visuddhimagga

42. Who was the first female Kashmiri language poetess ?

Ans. Lal Ded



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